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Amazon Web Services

Solutions from node to gateway

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing cloud-connected systems. By supporting multiple AWS services with a variety of products we’re giving designers the flexibility to choose the parts and platforms that best meet their system needs while providing the tools and support to mitigate their design risk.

To enable the creation of smart, connected and secure designs, Microchip has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support cloud-connected embedded systems from the node to the cloud. Supporting Amazon Greengrass, Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS Internet of Things (IoT), Microchip provides all the components, tools, software and support needed to rapidly develop secure cloud-connected systems.

Authentication Solutions

Authentication IconEncryption alone doesn’t guarantee a trusted connection. Hardware root of trust provides a unique, trusted, protected and verifiable identity that’s necessary to avoid authentication hacks.

  • Protect your device identity
  • Isolate private keys from software, users and manufacturing exposure
  • Leverage AWS IoT “Just-in-time registration” (JITR) and “Use your own certificate”
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Smart Edge Nodes

nodeMicrochip provides physical and cloud connectivity to Amazon Web services for node applications. Microchip’s solutions enable easy integration and deployment of customer-developed applications in a secure manner to cloud-based services.

  • Support for Amazon FreeRTOS
  • Secure connection
  • Real-time software updates
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Intelligent Gateways

gateway-iconMicrochip supports AWS Greengrass for the seamless extension of AWS’s Machine Learning Inference capability on edge devices. This enables edge devices to act on data that is generated locally, while still using the cloud for management and analytics.

  • Secure communication
  • Respond to local events in near real-time
  • Offline operation
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