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AC to DC Power Supplies 

AC-DC switch mode power supplies are designed to provide DC power from AC line voltages. The reference designs below include information on Power Factor Correction (PFC), high-voltage-compatible bias generation and primary/secondary isolation. Our dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are designed to support power flow control of advanced topologies and the implementation of adaptive nonlinear algorithms for front-end power factor control converters and isolated DC-DC converters. You can use the same dsPIC DSC or an additional microcontroller (MCU) to perform the power management, monitoring, protection and internal and external communication functions in your AC-DC conversion design. These reference designs also include a microcontroller for control, monitoring, communications and intelligent automated functions.


AC-DC Conversion with Complete Digital Control

AC-DC Reference Designs

750W AC-DC Reference Design

750W AC/DC Reference Design

Microchip’s 750W AC/DC Reference Design demonstrates a semi-bridgeless PFC topology followed by a peak current controlled Zero-Voltage Switching Full-Bridge (ZVS FB) converter with digital slope compensation to achieve very high conversion efficiencies. This power supply, including the compensator algorithm, can be firmware updated while the power supply is running with zero down time to the system it is powering.

750W AC-DC Reference Design

Vienna 3-Phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) Reference Design

The Vienna 3-Phase PFC Reference Design demonstrates our next-generation 1200V Silicon Carbide IC (SiC) diodes and 700V SiC MOSFETs with high avalanche/repetitive Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS). The design uses a dsPIC33CH Digital Signal Controller (DSC) for digital control and is suitable for applications like Hybrid Electric Vehicle/Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV) chargers and high-power switch mode power supplies. This reference design achieves 98.6% efficiency at 30 kW output power.

Low Voltage PFC Development Kit Reference Design

Low Voltage PFC Development Kit

Low Voltage Power Factor Correction (LVPFC) Development Kit offers safe voltage levels at moderate power while designing algorithms on a boost power factor correction topology. These algorithms can be applied on real systems under development with minimal changes. The LVPFC Development Board utilizes the dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller, supporting full digital and advanced power control algorithm schemes

FC GaN Evaluation Board Image from Transphorm

PFC GaN Evaluation Board from Transphorm

Developed by Transphorm, the TDTTP4000W066C 4 kW bridgeless totem-pole Power Factor Correction (PFC) evaluation board achieves very-high-efficiency single-phase AC-DC conversion. Using GaN FETs in the fast-switching leg of a circuit and low-resistance MOSFETs in the slow-switching leg of a circuit results in improved performance and efficiency.

Platinum-Rated 720W AC/DC Reference Design

Platinum-Rated 720W AC/DC Reference Design

Microchip’s Platinum-Rated 720W AC/DC Reference Design demonstrates the flexibility and power of SMPS dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers in Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPSs). This reference design has a peak efficiency of 94.1% and achieves the ENERGY STAR® CSCI Platinum Level. It features a 2-phase interleaved Power Factor Correction (PFC) boost converter followed by a 2-phase interleaved two-switch forward converter with synchronous rectification.

Digital Power Interleaved PFC Reference Design

Digital Power Interleaved PFC Reference Design

High-performance power supplies are used in a wide variety of applications including telecommunication equipment, industrial equipment, digital televisions, lighting, air conditioners and other home appliances. They all need solutions for PFC to improve overall efficiency, input power factor, voltage regulation and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the input current.


dsPIC SMPS AC-DC Reference Design

This reference design provides an easy method to evaluate the power, and features of SMPS dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers for high-wattage AC-DC conversion application. Discover the many benefits of digital power control implementation in this reference design. The SMPS AC-DC Reference Design unit works with a universal input voltage range and produces multiple DC an input stage, intermediate stage and a Point of Load stage.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of switching to digital power supplies? Click on the link below to download our Features, Value and Benefits of Digital Control for Power Supplies white paper.

Recommended Products

dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

Product Core Number of Pins Program Flash (KB) RAM (KB) IC/OC/
SMPS PWM ADCs Number of Op Amps/ PGAs Number of Analog Comparators Number of UART/I2C/
SPI Interfaces
dsPIC33EP 'GS' Family 70 MIPS Single Core Up to 80 Up to 128 Up to 8 4/4 16 Channels 1 nS 22 × 12-bit, 5x S/H 2 4x
dsPIC33CK 'MP' Family 100 MIPS Single Core Up to 80 Up to 256 Up to 24 9 16 Channels 250 pS 24 × 12-bit,
3x S/H
3 3 3/3/3
dsPIC33CH 'MP' Family 100 MIPS Dual Core Up to 80 Up to 512/72 Up to 48 + 16 8 + 4 8+4 Channels 250 pS 18 × 12-bit, 4x S/H 3 3 3/3/3
IC = Input Capture
OC = Output Compare
MCCP = Multiple Capture/Compare/PWM
SCCP = Single Capture/Compare/PWM
SMPS PWM = Power Supply Pulse Width Modulation

Operational Amplifiers

  • MCP6H01 – 1.2 MHz, 3.5V to 16V op amp
  • MCP6H02 – 1.2 MHz, 3.5V to 16V op amp
  • MCP6001 – 1 MHz, 1.8V to 6V low-power op amp

Temperature Sensors

  • MCP9700A – Low-power linear active thermistor IC, analog output
  • TC622 – Low-cost, single-trip-point temperature sensor


  • MCP14E4  – 4.0A dual high-speed power MOSFET driver with enable function for each output

LDO Regulator

  • MCP1825S – 500 mA, low-voltage, low quiescent current LDO regulator