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Thermal Automotive Products

In today’s advanced automotive systems, thermal management is critical to optimizing system performance and providing protection from overheating conditions. Whether you need to monitor temperature conditions inside the cabin or inside the engine compartment, Microchip has AEC-Q100 qualified thermal management products to meet your needs. Our thermal product solutions enhance safety and reliability while providing the flexibility to easily adapt to your automotive design requirements.

Analog Output Temperature Sensors and Temperature Switches

Create cost-effective thermal monitoring solutions with Microchip’s flexible portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified analog output temperature sensors and temperature switches. These devices are available in very small form factor package options making them a perfect fit for even space-constrained automotive systems.

Serial (Digital) Output Temperature Sensors

Microchip’s automotive-grade digital output temperature sensors offer a complete, fully factory calibrated, real-time temperature monitoring solution with available ±0.5°C temperature accuracy over a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. These devices output digitized temperature data via a standard I²C-compatible serial interface, eliminating the need for any external components such as A/D converters and data post-processing which can significantly reduce the burden on the microcontroller, improving the functionality and efficiency of your automotive systems.