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Automotive Power Management Products

Managing power for your automotive electronic control solution encompasses two facets: regulating the supply voltage on the input side and efficiently driving loads on the output side.  Microchip offers a vast array of linear and switching regulator products that enable you to develop power saving, flexible and protected solutions.  And to drive motors, actuators and other loads, we offer power MOSFET and motor drivers that can withstand the rigorous automotive environment.

Switching Regulators
PWM Controllers

  • Buck and boost switching regulators with soft start, power-good and UVLO and over-temp protection; Voltage-or-current mode PWM controllers with integrated MOSFETs.

Linear Regulators

  • Fixed and adjustable single and dual, low-dropout regulators, featuring shutdown, power-good and load-dump protection

Charge Pump DC-to-DC Converters

  • Inverting, doubling and regulatory converters with low-battery indication, input/output bypass and boost and sleep modes

CPU/System Supervisors

  • Precisions supervisors featuring wide detection ranges, low-current consumption and multiple-reset delay options

Power MOSFET Drivers

  • Single-, dual- and quad-inverting and non-inverting MOSFET drivers, offering outstanding latch-up immunity

Motor Drivers

  • Three-phase brushless DC motor drivers containing three integrated half-bridge drivers with load dump, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, including integrated LIN XCVRs and buck regulators