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Automotive Linear Products 

The low-power and low-noise performance of our AEC-Q100-qualified amplifiers and comparators make them excellent choices for interfacing with a sensitive sensor, monitoring the current driving a motor or a variety of other tasks that need to be performed reliably in demanding environmental conditions.


Available in a variety of speed ranges, output types and small packaging options and offering on-chip bandgap references to minimize size and complexity, our scalable and flexible comparator solutions can adapt to meet your changing design requirements.

Current Sense Amplifiers

The need to accurately measure a dynamic current is critical in many automotive applications such as monitoring or charging batteries, creating a current-controlled feedback loop for a power supply or motor, or to monitor current levels for safety purposes. Our flexible and highly-precise current sense amplifiers, with their zero-drift architecture, maximize efficiency and reliability across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Instrumentation Amplifiers

Our Instrumentation Amplifiers (INAs) include internal matched feedback and are ideal for data acquisition applications. Their ability to accurately extract a small signal in the presence of a large common mode makes these INAs ideal for sensor amplification. Some devices include Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filtering for excellent performance in the most demanding environments.

Operational Amplifiers

Our portfolio of operational amplifiers addresses virtually any automotive design requirement. From cost-effective general-purpose amplifiers to precision amplifiers that minimize errors occurring in harsh automotive environments, our op amps reduce your development risk and improve system performance throughout years of operation.