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8-Bit MCUs

8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers - Peripherals

Connect to the World with Intelligent Analog

An ever-increasing number of embedded designs are shifting from discrete analog components to intelligent control using an MCU. The benefits are many – including higher reliability, lower overall costs, and the ability to implement additional feature content. Microchip is enabling this transition with the introduction of its Intelligent Analog portfolio of PIC Microcontrollers. With various analog modules integrated onto our flexible 8-bit MCUs, the Intelligent Analog portfolio helps further reduce discrete component count, alleviates board noise concerns, and accelerates our customer time-to-market.

From standard ADCs, DACs, Comparators and Op Amps to PIC MCU exclusive modules such as Slope Compensation and Zero Cross Detect, our Intelligent Analog modules utilize Microchip’s expertise in analog design to enable simple, efficient solutions that are easy to implement.

Key Attributes

Tightly Integrated — On-board analog modules can utilize on-chip resources and interface with Core Independent Peripherals for advanced closed loop control. This integration enables more efficient control of many applications, including power conversion and sensor-based systems.
Extremely Robust — With analog peripherals integrated onto PIC Microcontrollers, all noise and latency issues have been taken care of. Spend less time debugging and get to market faster.
Reduced Footprint — By integrating discrete signal conditioning and measurement functions onto the MCU, designers can significantly reduce the footprint required to implement their system.
Lower Cost — Reduced external component count and smaller PCB footprint both contribute to lower per-unit costs for your design.