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Scalable Security Solutions

From basic security implementations all the way up to a segmented processing element known as a secure enclave, the SAMA5D2 and SAMA5D4 microprocessors (MPUs) provide a wide range of security options to protect your design. Whether you need cloud provisioning, secured communication, certificate management, system resilience, near real-time execution, power management, data security, encryption services, secure boot or secrets storage, we make finding and implementing the right security measures easy.

Easily and quickly create systems that are robust, resistant against bugs, securely field upgradable, prevent unauthorized software from running and self-curing in the event of a memory content alteration. Designers now have the power to implement their own secure enclave with the advanced security features in Microchip’s MPUs, like powerful cryptographic accelerators, secured access to memories and secure peripherals to safeguard system secrets. Our partnership with Sequitur Labs and integration with their EmSPARK Security Suite enables the following out-of-the-box capabilities.

Key Capabilities:

  • Secure storage – Arm® TrustZone® secure cryptography, storage of keys, certificates and in-system data
  • Secure communications – Authenticated device pairing and IoT cloud communications (OpenSSL, TLS)
  • Secure firmware update – Remotely upgrade MPU firmware safely and securely
  • Trusted boot – Root of trust verified initial startup code, Linux® and other embedded software
  • Firmware protection – Encryption of embedded firmware and execution of authenticated firmware
  • Trusted device ID – Unique device certificate tied to root of trust for strong identity authentication

Payment Industry Compliant security level

PCI-Security-Standard_logoThe SAMA5D2 microprocessors feature the highest levels of security in the industry, providing an excellent platform for customers to create secured designs. With integrated Arm TrustZone technology and capabilities for tamper detection, secure data and program storage, hardware encryption engine, secure boot and more, customers can work with Microchip’s security experts to evaluate their security needs and implement the level of protection that’s right for their design.

UL labs, an independent certification and consulting company in safety and security, pre-certified the SAMA5D2 for PCI compliance, the standard used in the payment industry. This pre-certification evidences the device’s high security level and provides a reduction in both time and cost for a PIN Transaction Security (PTS) evaluation of your product.

EmSpark™ Security Suite

SeqLabs_logoThe EmSpark™ Security Suite is designed to let developers make use of SAMA5D2’s advanced security capabilities without undergoing a long learning curve. The Suite pre-integrates and abstracts the security capabilities via Linux APIs allowing designers and developers to address the most common security requirements facing IoT device manufacturers in a single, easy-to-use package.

The software evaluation kit is available directly from the Sequitur Labs website.