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SAMA5D2 Series


The SAMA5D2 series is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor based MPU. The Cortex A5 processor runs up to 500MHz and features the ARM NEON SIMD engine a 128kB L2 cache and a floating point unit. It supports multiple memories, including latest-generation technologies such as DDR3, LPDDR3, and QSPI Flash. It integrates powerful peripherals for connectivity (EMAC, USB, dual CAN, up to 10 UARTs, etc.) and user interface applications (TFT LCD controller, PCAP and resistive touch controllers, touch controller, class D amplifier, audio PLL, CMOS sensor interface, etc.). The devices offer advanced security functions to protect customer code and secure external data transfers. These include ARM TrustZone, tamper detection, secure data storage, hardware encryption engine, on-the-fly decryption of code stored in external DDR or QSPI memory and a secure boot loader. The devices comes with a free Microchip Linux distribution.


  • ARM Cortex-A5 core running at 500MHz (785DMIPS).
  • Floating point unit (FPU) for high-precision computing and accelerated data processing.
  • 128KB of L2 cache for system performance
  • Market-leading low power consumption
    • Less than 150mW in active mode at 500MHz with all peripherals activated
    • Less than 0.5mW in low power mode with SRAM and registers retention
  • Dual CAN-FD controller
  • 10/100 MAC with IEEE1588
  • Two HS High Speed USB ports (configurable as two hosts or one host and one device port)
  • One High Speed Inter-Chip Interface (HSIC) port


  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) with projected CAP touch sensing 
  • One 12-bit image sensor controller with Raw Bayer support
  • Graphic LCD controller with overlays for image composition
  • Advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting, secure external communication, and authenticate the system:
    • PCI pre-certified for payment applications*
    • On-the-fly encryption/decryption of code from external DDR.
    • Encryption engines supporting AES/3DES, TRNG, SHA.
    • Tamper detection pins
    • Environmental monitors
    • Memory content protection (secure key storage)
  • 11x11 BGA196, BGA289 (in 0.8pitch) package and also an ultra-small package option BGA256 (8x8mm in 0.4 pitch)
  • Extended industrial temperature range: -40°C to 105°C