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dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers – Functional Safety Ready and Designed for Robust End Products

In today’s automotive applications ISO26262 has become a critical element of passenger safety, as electric and electronic content has rapidly grown within cars and now, to a wider extent, mobility solutions. To help customers achieve the desired Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) certification, Microchip Technology’s dsPIC33 family is commonly used in digital power and motor control applications throughout the automotive market – including DC/DC systems and on-board chargers, actuators and also sensors (position, pressure), for which ASIL requirements apply.


Select dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are products that contains Microchip’s Functional Safety Ready designation. They have been carefully selected as ones that encompasses the latest Functional Safety features and support collateral available from Microchip, including integrated safety features; safety manuals; Failure Mode, Effect, Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) reports; and in some cases, diagnostic software.

Safety and Robustness Collateral
Make your certification process easier and less risky with Microchip’s high-quality collateral:
- Automotive grade silicon (Q100 qualification, up to Grade 0)
- Functional safety diagnostic firmware (with complete requirements mapping, static/dynamic analysis and test reports)
- Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis report
- Functional safety manual
- MPLAB® XC functional safety certified compilers
- MCAL drivers for Autosar

These are available under NDA upon request to your local Microchip sales office.

Here are some example of robust end products requiring dsPIC33C DSC Functional Safety Ready products:

  • On-board chargers
  • Battery management systems
  • Sensors (position, pressure)

Safety and Robustness Capabilities

The dsPIC33 family of DSCs provide the following features and capabilities for robust environments.

  • Memory: ECC, CRC, RAM BIST
  • System: DMT, WDT/Windowed WDT, POR/BOR, MCLR
  • Clocking: Redundant Oscillator, Fail Safe Clock Moni­tor (FSCM)
  • CPU: Error Trap Monitors
  • GPIO: ESD Protection, I/O Port Readback

Development Tools

Microchip provides products that enable system-level compliance to functional safety. That means they have integrated features, qualified test libraries, safety manuals, and FMEDA reports, depending on the standard and level of safety they support. All these items make it easier to develop applications that conform to the functional safety standards, and thereby reduce the work and cost of the final product compliance. Microchip offers the MPLAB XC Compiler, ISO 26262 qualified up to ASIL D.

Third-Party Developers
Microchip works with third party vendors for Functional Safety applications

Additional Information

Some of these hardware features apply to Class B appli­ance applications. For more information visit

For more information on the dsPIC33C DSC family visit www.microchip.com/dspic33c