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MiWi Protocol to Wi-Fi Wireless Demo Kit

Part Number: DM182018

The MiWi™ Protocol to Wi-Fi® Wireless Demo kit allows developers to evaluate and experiment with MiWi protocol to Wi-Fi gateway solutions.  The kit includes a Wireless Evaluation Board with both the MiWi protocol and Wi-Fi transceivers.  The kit also includes two MiWi Demo Boards to create a three node MiWi protocol network.

The Wireless Evaluation Board can be connected to a client device, such as a laptop or a mobile phone, using the Wi-Fi network.  Based on the application running on the MiWi protocol nodes, the information exchanged can be displayed on the client device.  To learn more about MiWi wireless protocol, please visit www.microchip.com/MiWi.  To learn more about Wi-Fi solutions, please visit www.microchip.com/WiFi.

    • MiWi stack support – MiWi, MiWi P2P and MiWI Pro
    • Wi-Fi stack support on Wireless Evaluation Board
    • Feature packed PIC32 MCU on Wireless Evaluation Boards to run MiWi and Wi-Fi protocol stacks
    • PIC18F46J50 MCU featuring nanoWatt XLP Technology for MiWi Nodes
    • MRF24J40MA FCC/IC/ETSI certified module
    • MRF24WG0MA FCC/IC/ETSI certified module for IEEE 802.11 b/g
    • MCP9700A Temperature sensor
    • LCD display to develop interactive wireless demos (Removable for lower power)
    • Board can be powered by either AA batteries or 9V power supply or External Power supply or USB
    • One Wireless Evaluation Board with a 2.4 GHz MRF24J40MA and a 2.4 GHz MRF24WG0MA Transceiver
    • Two MiWi Demo Boards with a 2.4 GHz MRF24J40MA Transceiver
    • 6-pin ICSP™ header
    • USB mini-B cable for power supply
    • Four AAA batteries

Demo Software

  1. The demo software is available in the V2013-06-15 version of the "Microchip Library of Applications" at www.microchip.com/MLA
  2. After installing the MLA, you can find the demo source code at ..\Microchip Solutions \ Combo folder.