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Microchip’s Worldwide Design Partner network provides a channel between our authorized Design Partners and customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. We have partners who can provide consulting services, hardware and software design, and full turnkey manufacturing services. Search our database today to find your perfect match below.

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ExpandCollapse A&M Bromley Ltd.
(44) 0 1298 77166
United Kingdom
We bring a fresh perspective and collaborative approach to our clients’ problems, finding ways to measure, control, display and analyse information that help them manage their businesses better. Our technical expertise is complemented by a strong grasp of commercial and logistical considerations.  We design, test and oversee product supply and working with our Partners we maintain complete control of quality, costs and avoid unnecessary delays.
Brushed DC, Power LED
ExpandCollapse A.D. Developments
(44) 1908 222606
United Kingdom
Specialising in Electronic Product Design, founded in 1983, A.D.Developments has been active in various markets such as Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Automotive and Motorsport. Microchip Authorised Design Partner since 1992 We are experienced in areas such as wireless communications, power switching and control, data logging, sensors, signal conditioning, environmental monitoring and control systems.
Water, LIN, Variable Speed Brushless, Brushed DC, CAN, LCD, Power LED, AC Induction, Energy, Digital, Ethernet, Infrared, USB, Stepper
ExpandCollapse A.I.P. Systems Inc
(305) 968-7601
United States
Machine controls, PC based ATE, Manufacturing
Brushed DC, Stepper
ExpandCollapse A.N. Solutions GmbH
A.N. Solutions GmbH is a full cycle system design house specializing in concept-to-market solution for wireless sensing technologies comprising system concept architecture, development, bring-up, manufacturing and certification for application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. Thanks to our modular platform strategy, A.N. Solutions help OEMs and system integrators roll out new products on time and on budget with no in-house RF expertise by offering reusable, highly adaptable solutions.
Heat, Ethernet, USB, MiWi™, WiFi®, CAN, ZigBee™, Gas, Proximity, Keys and Sliders, Energy, Water, Bluetooth
ExpandCollapse Abed-Technologies
(714) 747-9005
Anaheim Hills
United States
Abed Technologies, Inc. is an electronic consulting company specializing in “concept to production” development of products using 8 or 16 bits embedded microcontrollers such as  PIC series, Free Scale 68HC series, and Intel MCS51 series. With 25 years of experience in this field, we can work on projects that range from minor design changes to very complex controllers. We could become part of your design team, or handle the entire project from concept to finished goods tested, certified, and ready to ship.
Stepper, USB, Switched Reluctance
ExpandCollapse Accelerated Microsystems Innovations, Inc.
(866) 883-8644
United States
For over 25 years, AMI has been helping many clients achieve their product development goals. Serving commercial, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries, our focus has been in innovating and revolutionizing products to give clients an edge over their competition.Our team is made up of well-established, independent, and highly skilled engineers, so we can execute your critical projects properly and in a timely manner. The design team is located mostly in California, however, we serve all 50 states.
USB, Stepper, Brushed DC, LCD, Power LED, HID, Variable Speed Brushless, Water
ExpandCollapse Accent Engineering & Logistics, Inc.
(806) 416-2447
United States
Accent Engineering & Logistics, Inc. is a Product Design Company that has capabilities including electronic hardware design, software development, mechanical design, electronic speech development, prototyping, and production services, and project management.
Infrared, USB, LCD, Ethernet
ExpandCollapse Acsiom
(603) 315-0300
United States
The Acsiom professional team has been designing innovative technical solutions for commercial and industrial customers for over 50 years. Our diversified project background includes Research & Development, Quick Turnaround Prototyping, adoption and completion of programs in process and full turn-key solutions from inception through production. We are happy to provide customized support ranging from brief consultations on technical problems to full scale system design, depending upon your requirements.
Brushed DC, Stepper, Power LED, Switched Reluctance, Infrared, AC Induction, LCD, Variable Speed Brushless, USB, Digital
ExpandCollapse ADISON
(33) 4 79 65 99 73
Batiment Arche BP246
ADISON activity mainly covers two areas: - Hardware Design - Software/Firmware development, embedded or non-embedded systems. Our services are targeted toward R&D and Production departments of equipment manufacturers in industrial domain, i.e., consumer, automotive, telecom, radiocom, medical, POS, etc. With a strong experience and several references in optimised systems, cost/real-time, performance/multitasking.
Gas, Power LED, CAN, LCD, Variable Speed Brushless, Ethernet, Brushed DC, Infrared, USB, Water, Digital
ExpandCollapse ADM Designs LLC
(619) 906-7754
United States
From the idea to the final Product in Industrial, Medical and Consumer Electronics. Full range of product development services: Analog, digital circuit design, PIC12 to PIC32, AVR, ARM and other microprocessors. Software in C, Pascal and assembly language FPGA design using VHDL or Verilog ( Altera, Lattice, Xilinx) PCB Layout (ORCAD and PCB Editor) CAN Bus applications.
LIN, Water, Digital, CAN, LCD, Stepper, Power LED, Variable Speed Brushless, Brushed DC
ExpandCollapse Advance Solutions Corporation
(641) 357-8369
Clear Lake
United States
Advanced Solutions is a team of experts from the electrical and mechanical design fields. We are confident that our team's combined knowledge and experience will be a complement to your engineering needs. Our diverse knowledge and experience offers you a wide variety of services that will benefit your company.
Stepper, Power LED
ExpandCollapse AE Engineering
(781) 792-0012
United States
AE Engineering provides a comprehensive electronic product development with a focus on design for manufacturing. We provide complete consulting services from single board prototype to complete systems. AE Engineering has a solid reputation for providing diversified product development services for many industries. A major factor of the company's success is the ability to address not only electrical engineering designs, but also engineering products with cost and manufacturing in mind.
CAN, USB, Digital, Energy, Ethernet, Stepper
ExpandCollapse Afero
(650) 899-0091
Los Altos
United States
Cloud Provider

ExpandCollapse Aiddea Linux S.L.
(34) 676 58 80 03
Is a company focused on the development of innovative and customized electronic products for several sectors and markets. Traceability and Logistics.  Electronics Functional Testing. Energy Management. Embedded electronics.Feel free to contact us and explain which your needs are. Let us Make it Real! We are also looking for commercial partners that help us to expand our activities around the world.
Brushed DC, LCD, Gas, Ethernet, Power LED, LIN, Digital, CAN, Switched Reluctance, USB, Heat, Stepper
ExpandCollapse Alberti's Window
(617) 923-8450
United States
Alberti's Window is a design and development company that specializes in microcontrollers, sensors, data acquisition and display. We have created circuitry and software for many award-winning sensor systems,temperature,light intensity,spectrophotometry, sound, heart rate, EKG, EEG, GSR, reaction time, respiration rate, linear position, human arm span, motion, magnetic field, pressure, strain, and acceleration.
Stepper, Digital
ExpandCollapse ALCIOM
(33) 1 47 09 30 51
ALCIOM is a French consulting and design house company specialized in innovative mixed-signal designs, from low cost wireless sensors to ultra high speed signal acquisition and processing systems, from ultra-low power microcontroller based products to high performance microwave measurement systems and high power motor drivers. Working for worldwide customers, ALCIOM is both a Microchip Gold Level Design Partner as well as the only Accredited Microchip Wireless Design Center in Europe to date.
Power LED, Variable Speed Brushless, Energy, Heat, Water, Ethernet, Digital, ZigBee™, Stepper, Brushed DC, USB, MiWi™, Bluetooth, Infrared, LCD, WiFi®
ExpandCollapse Alpha Resources
(949) 643-8566
United States
Alpha Resources specializes in PIC chips from the 12C family through the 24F and dsPIC families. We have worked on many projects using the PIC chip. Medical, audio, torque, motor control, water pressure control and many devices controlled by a PC are some of our applications.  The company uses Visual Basic extensively, and can convert LabView programs to Visual Basic or Visual C++. Alpha Resources can help you with an existing project, or develop a complete product for you.
Brushed DC, Graphical Displays, Stepper, USB, AC Induction, HID, Ethernet, Digital, Segmented LCD
ExpandCollapse Alti-tech Engineering Inc.
(604) 215-9400
Our specialization is battery powered device design, specifically focusing on DC-DC power conversion circuitry and Li-ion battery power management systems. In addition to Microchip PIC programming, we are capable and experienced in product design, PCB layout, prototype development and completed product manufacturing. We have the facilities to complete small-scale production runs in-house, and the talented network of contacts to handle medium to large-scale orders.
USB, Digital, Power LED
ExpandCollapse Amaranthine, LLC
(860) 568-6468
East Hartford
United States
Product development service provider to help you to develop your product. Working with you to take ideas from original concept through production quality prototypes, or else by providing particular services for your product development. Also specializing in the design, development and production of one-off or low volume products. Services provided include: Product Development, Embedded System Design, Electronic Hardware Design , Embedded Firmware and Software Design, Mechatronic and Mechanical Design
Water, Infrared, Touch Screens and Touchpads, Digital, Brushed DC, Mixed signal PIC MCU based solutions, LCD, Stepper, Proximity, Keys and Sliders, Segmented LCD, Graphical Displays, Power LED, WiFi®, Switched Reluctance, Heat, KeeLoq®, Variable Speed Brushless, USB, Ethernet
ExpandCollapse Amazon Web Services
(206) 266-4064
United States
Cloud Provider

ExpandCollapse AMDE (Ahura Mazda Design & Engineering)
(408) 636-1561
United States
Every company relies on tangible core knowledge that makes them unique in their domain. Complimentary to that core knowledge are other services that are needed for a company to thrive. That’s where AMDE comes in. Our services include Product Design and Product Sustaining Services that are non-core to your business. By allowing AMDE to manage these services, you have more resources to focus on what makes your company unique and streamline your support structure.
USB, LCD, HID, Ethernet, Brushed DC, Digital, Power LED, Energy, Infrared, Stepper, AC Induction
ExpandCollapse Amest Corporation
(949) 766-9692
Rancho Santa Margarita
United States
Amest Corporation is a full service design engineering firm, specializing in the development of electronic products. Our mission is to provide consistent high quality service in every phase of product development. We are committed to providing cutting edge technology to a fast moving industry.
CAN, AC Induction, Brushed DC, Segmented LCD, Graphical Displays, Flourescent, Digital, Stepper, Ethernet, Single chip battery for Lithium Ion, Variable Speed Brushless, USB, WiFi® Audio, LCD, Switched Reluctance, Kleernet™, Bluetooth® Audio, 3D tracking and Gesture Sensing, Touch Screens and Touchpads, Power LED, LIN, Mixed signal PIC MCU based solutions, HID, Permanent Magnet Synchronous, Proximity, Keys and Sliders
ExpandCollapse Amtek Design
(425) 765-1876
United States
I've been developing embedded software professionally since the early 1980's. In that time I've used a variety of languages, tools, and microcontrollers. Here are some of the more interesting projects I've worked on over the years: Espresso machines. I developed and maintained the control software for a line of fully-automatic commercial espresso machines. The machines pour a variety of coffee and milk drinks at the touch of a button. Military avionics.
LCD, Power LED, Stepper, LIN, Brushed DC, Ethernet
ExpandCollapse AND Technology Research Ltd.
(44) 1992 814655
Theydon Bois
United Kingdom
AND Software Ltd is a private limited company owned by its two directors Valerie Thorn and John Thorn. It was founded in 1980. AND is built of a small team of highly experienced engineers covering both software and electronic design. We undertake a wide range of projects covering most aspects of microcontroller technologies, from transducer interface hardware design through to advanced software tool development. Quality and level of service are the two most important features.
Infrared, Water, Energy, Stepper, Power LED, CAN, Heat, LCD, Gas, Digital, Brushed DC, USB
ExpandCollapse Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.
(877) 742-4604
United States
Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc. is a Full-Service Engineering Consulting Firm, est. 1989. Expert in digital and analog Hardware, and embedded and system-level Software. Offering the complete range of Engineering and Artistic talents needed to turn concepts into quality products. Projects range from minor product changes or analyses, to designing satellite thruster controls. Our expertise includes the little microcontrollers to the monster processors.
USB, Digital, Brushed DC, Ethernet, Infrared, Stepper
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