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Microchip Wireless MiWi Application Programming Interface - MiApp
Yifeng Yang
Developing wireless applications can be challenging. Apart from Radio Frequency (RF) circuit designs, the firmware development process may require the developers to understand the details of RF transceivers, as well as the different wireless communication protocols. Microchip has developed a way to handle the complex RF hardware or communication protocol stack software development, or both, which enables wireless application developers to focus on their own application development. This type of wireless communication is achieved through a concise, yet powerful communication programming interface in the application layer called MiApp which is defined in this application note. The MiApp specification defines the programming interfaces between the application layer and Microchip proprietary wireless communication protocols. The MiApp programming interface is implemented in two ways: as configuration parameters defined in the configuration file, and as a set of function calls to the Microchip proprietary wireless communication protocols. Complying with the MiApp specification defined in this application note, applications can use any Microchip proprietary wireless protocols. With little or no modification in the application layer, software development can be easily changed between a proprietary P2P/Star topology connection protocol to a full Mesh proprietary networking protocol for small or big networks, depending on the application needs.
MiWi, wireless, RF, MiApp, MiMAC, P2P, Star, Mesh, Protocol, Wireless Protocol, Proprietary Protocol, IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless PAN, LR-WPAN, Wireless Network, Peer-Peer, Peer to Peer, Point-Point, Point to Point, Network Topology, PAN, RFD, FFD, MAC PHY, AN1284
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