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Connecting the MCP2150 To The Windows CE® Operating System
Steve Schlangster
This technical brief demonstrates the operation of the MCP2150 with Microsoft® Windows® CE Operating System (OS). The MCP2150 is a protocol handler supporting IrDA® standards plus an encoder/decoder. This allows the MCP2150 to be used as a "Virtual Connector", a wireless link between an embedded application and an IrDA standard host. This host can be a handheld device using Microsoft Windows CE. Windows CE is an excellent host platform for use with the MCP2150 because of the light weight, low cost, ease of use, and portability of these devices. Microsoft Windows includes a terminal client that can easily be used to demonstrate this capability. Windows CE devices are made by Compaq, Casio, IBM, LG, and many others. These devices are available with or without keyboards. Keyboard models are sometimes referred to as H/PC pro devices. The smaller models without keyboards are sometimes called P/PC devices. Some have color screens, others have monochrome LCD displays. One common feature of all these models is that all have an IrDA standard infrared port. Windows CE devices do not, however, include a terminal client. A terminal client called pkHpc is available from Cambridge Computer Corporation. A 30-day trial version of this utility can be downloaded from www.cam.com. Other terminal clients are available, but pkHpc has been used by the author and its use is documented in this technical brief. This demonstration will use the MCP2150 Developer?s Board. Optionally, the MCP2120 Developer?s Board may be used. The MCP2120 is a simple encoder/decoder. The IrDA standard protocol handler would need to be implemented in the host system, such as a personal computer (PC) with IrDA standard drivers installed. These boards are available in the MCP2120/MCP2150 Developer?s Kit (DV163008).
IrDA,MCP2150,Optical Transceivers,IR Encoding,IR Decoding,IR Physical Layer,IrPHY,IrDA stack,Virtual Connector,Virtual Serial Port,Windows CE
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