Microchip Technology Inc

Applications & Markets

Microchip’s design centers provide all the necessary information to get started on a new design within a specific application segment. Items found on the design centers include supporting products, application notes, reference designs and development tools.


Microchip’s ultra-low power embedded Bluetooth® modules are complete, fully-certified, and simple to develop. Easily add wireless capability to your product without spending significant time and money developing Bluetooth® specific hardware and software.

Embedded Security

Microchip brings together both Cryptographic and Non-Cryptographic pieces to build a total solution. Remember, nothing is 100% secure, system designers must implement multiple techniques to make their system as difficult as possible to break.

Personal Area Networks

Microchip offers MiWi™ Development Environment which is Microchip's proprietary wireless solution and also certified ZigBee® protocol stack, which helps improve the efficiency, safety, security, reliability and convenience of the system.


Microchip's Haptic technology, or haptics, provides tactile feedback to the user by applying forces or vibrations. Microchip's MTCH810 is an integrated controller which allows engineers to easily add haptics to their application.


Universal Serial Bus solutions support the growing needs for robust, highly integrated USB Microcontrollers, and external controllers. The variety of new USB certified products bring Assured USB Interoperability for your embedded designs.

Wireless Audio

Wireless audio solutions allows access to music wirelessly with high quality, low latency distribution of digital content to headphones, speakers and other audio devices to enhance the consumer's listening experience.

Proximity, Keys and Sliders

mTouch sensing solutions meets the need to easily design and integrate touch technologies into their applications, without superior noise robustness, no external component requirements, and easy to implement.

Touch Screen and Touch Pad Controllers

Microchip offers a broad portfolio of touch solutions for resistive and projected capacitive applications that make it easy for designers to integrate touch-sensing interfaces.

3D Tracking and Gesture Sensing

GestIC® technology allows offers hand/finger position tracking and intuitive free-space gestures in real time. MGC3130 is the world’s first electrical near field (E-field) 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller.

Motor Control & Drive

Motor control and drive solutions promote rapid prototyping for low and high voltage systems including dual motor control options. Variants contain innovative PWM peripherals with complimentary waveforms and dedicated time-base as well as variable speed with constant torque and field oriented control for greater efficiency.

Smart Energy

Microchip is your credible partner in providing Smart Energy specific technology, latest communication protocol, advanced user interface and reduce technology overall power consumption.

Smartphone Accessories

Microchip’s accessory development kits and libraries give you the building blocks to innovate and get your design to market faster, addressing the demand for new accessory ideas and opportunities.

Low Power

The demands on electronic applications require low power or battery power, thus, energy conservation becomes paramount. To enable applications like these, products with Microchip’s nanoWatt XLP Technology offer the industry’s lowest currents for Run and Sleep, where extreme low power applications spend 90%-99% of their time.


Microchip's microcontrollers, memories, analog and interface chips and software are used in medical devices that are found in the hospital, in the home, and implanted in the body. Microchip delivers the freedom to innovate that has helped hundreds of the world's top medical device companies take their ideas from future vision to market reality.


Microchip Metering Solutions addressed challenges with increasing meter accuracy and reliability while lowering total system cost or engaging the end customer in their home as part of the home area network. Our solutions are used in millions of meters worldwide. Microchip wants to be a partner in your success, not just a vendor.

Intelligent Power

With Microchip’s broad range of "power-supply enabled/specific" microcontrollers and supporting power devices, customers will have the ability to perform the power conversion control via reprogrammable software and the performance and features of our PIC MCU and dsPIC DSC solutions.


Intelligent Lighting and Control solutions can meet the technical needs of lighting. Advanced peripheral integration and support for all lighting technologies solution provide significant flexibility and innovation that expands lighting product capabilities and provides product differentiation.


Local Interconnect Network is a low cost, single-wire, serial communication system. It provides cleaner, safer, smarter and more efficient design for vehicles while addressing challenges such as cost-efficiency, lower power consumption and weight reduction.


Microchip addresses the growing demand for embedded Ethernet products, enabling easy network connectivity for cost-sensitive embedded designs. Communications, automation/control and entertainment are the targeted applications that benefit from embedded Ethernet for remote monitor or control.

High Temperature

Microchip's High Temperature technology spans all product families including Microcontrollers, Analog, and Memory. Reliability testing is performed to AEC Q100 Grade 0 (150°C) and specified for operation up to 150°C ambient. This enables robust applications under-hood, down-hole and in-oven.

Home Appliance

Bringing technology advancement to market in order cater constant innovation, we develop new features and functionality required for your appliance design and solutions for user interface, motor control, sensing, connectivity and more, your design teams can focus on implementing the application.


Controller Area Network bus solutions has high-speed, reliable communication protocol for applications requiring robust at bit rates reaching 1 Mbps. It enables low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for your high-performance, embedded design.

Graphical Displays

Graphical Display Solutions are easy to implement and easy to upgrade for microcontrollers. Targeted at embedded applications with Graphical Displays includes TFT, OLED, C-STN, Monochrome display types, up to 24 bit per pixel color, 16- and 32-bit PIC® MCUs and integrated USB, Ethernet and capacitive touch.

Segmented LCD

LCD PIC microcontrollers offer easy and scalable solutions in a wide variety of applications, ranging from meters to portable medical devices to thermostats to exercise equipment. PIC® microcontrollers with integrated LCD drivers can directly drive segmented displays with letters, numbers, characters and icons.

Audio & Speech

Audio provides any application the ability to improve the ease of use, entertainment and quality of life for the visually impaired. Microchip provides microcontrollers, development platforms and free software source code to help you bring a cost effective design to market in the timeliest manner.


Automotive products developed by Microchip enable solutions to reduce fuel consumption with lower emissions and are safer and more comfortable. Automotive products and processes are designed to support the rigorous requirements of the automotive customer.

Battery Management

Get high accuracy and longer battery operation for your portable designs with Microchip's battery management products. We offer advanced features to maximize battery operating life and reduce PCB footprint, while minimizing overall system cost and improve time-to-market.


Our portfolio of ultra-low power 802.11 solutions is fully-certified surface mount WiFi modules. It connects quickly and seamlessly making it perfect for mobile wireless applications such as asset monitoring, sensors, and portable battery operated devices.