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When Tiny Really Matters

Add more functionality to your design while taking up less space with these EEPROMs. These memory devices reduce the industry-standard 8-pin pinout to only four pins by eliminating all pins needed for I2C addressing and write protection. The I 2C address is preset at the factory and block-by-block write protection is accomplished by software. All densities are available in 4-ball flip-chip wafer scale packaging providing dimensions as small as 0.5 mm2 for when tiny really matters.

EEPROMs (I2C) with only 4 connections

ProductDensityFactory Set AddressSoftware Write Protect
AT24CSW0101 Kbit YesYes
AT24CSW0202 KbitYesYes
AT24CSW0404 KbitYesYes
AT24CSW0808 KbitYesYes
24CW16016 KbitYesYes
24CW32032 KbitYesYes
24CW64064 KbitYesYes
24CW1280128 KbitYesYes

Want two or more different I2C parts on the same 4 wire bus? Microchip can pre-set up to 8 unique addresses on each product shown. Contact us for more details: eeprom@microchip.com.