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Micrium is a leading provider of high-quality embedded software and is known for clean code, thorough documentation, and top-notch technical support. Micrium offers a complete RTOS including kernel, file system, GUI, and protocol stacks. All modules are written for embedded systems and everything fits in less than 1 Mbyte.
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Location: Weston, FL United States 

Website: http://micrium.com

Contact: info@micrium.com


Micrium offers two key kernels
uC/OCS-II is suitable for demanding safety critical applications. It has been certified for safety-critical applications in Medical, Avionics and Industrial.
uC/OS-II offers additional features such as round-robin and a highly consistent API. There are built-in performance measurement capabilities.

μC/OS-II and μC/OS-III sources integrated into MPLAB® Harmony

The kernel’s full source code can be evaluated at no cost

This code can also be used free of charge in academic projects

Please contact Micrium for licensing information: info@micrium.com | sales@micrium.com