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Digital Power Design Suite

Our Digital Power Design Suite includes the Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT), MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC), our compensator libraries and design examples. These four packages combine to provide the tools and required guidance for developing complete digital power designs. Once the initial simulation model of your design is ready, the DCDT can be used to analyze the design and the feedback transfer function and to generate compensator coefficients. Device initialization code can be generated with the help of MCC, and the final firmware can be created with some help from the code examples and the code generated from MCC and the DCDT.

Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT)

Topology-independent GUI for designing complex compensators and analyzing loop gain performance

  • Analyze plant and feedback transfer functions
  • Design controller (PID, 2P2Z, 3P3Z, etc.)
  • Migrate analog Type II, Type III to digital
  • Analyze loop gain
  • Tune controller and normalize coefficients

MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC)

Graphical programming environment that generates seamless easy-to-understand code

  • Automatic configuration of peripherals
    • Reduces overall design effort
    • Minimizes references to product datasheet
  • Intuitive interface for quick start
  • Supports 8-, 16-, and 32-bit devices

Microchip Compensator Libraries

Optimized assembly-based functions for control of SMPS applications

  • PID, 2P2Z, 3P3Z, etc.
  • dsPIC33FJ and dsPIC33EP devices
  • Fixed point
  • Supports trigger update
  • Supports context registers on dsPIC33EP GS family devices

Design Examples

Royalty-free microcontroller and application-specific hardware and software designs

  • Starter kits
  • Reference designs
  • Code examples
  • Application notes