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With the emergence of new cloud applications, interactive entertainment and home control services, Ethernet continues to be used as a trusted networking technology delivering a robust, high-performance and consistent, high-quality user experience. Ethernet has become ubiquitous in the smart home, connecting a wide range of devices from Internet of Things (IoT) broadband gateways, wireless routers, Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming media players. With the potential for IoT driven connectivity to further rise, coupled with a key focus to deliver improved energy savings, there is a strong need to adopt green Ethernet networking solutions.

As a leading supplier of LAN solutions for consumer applications, we offer a broad portfolio of field-proven, highly integrated and high-performance Ethernet solutions. Our EtherGREEN™ platform allows the delivery of highly energy-efficient solutions that help applications meet critical energy and regulatory limits. Our EtherSynch® platform combines Ethernet communications, advanced quality of service and IEEE® 1588v2 to enable superior synchronization performance for critical real-time applications. Our portfolio includes an industry-leading family of innovative Ethernet PHYs, switches and software that provide complete and cost-effective solutions for smart home applications with up to Gigabit speed.

We deliver the solutions you need for your next consumer product and technical support to reduce your time to market. Select an application example below to learn more about using our Ethernet solutions.

IP Set-Top Box

Broadband Gateway (DSL/Cable Modem)

STB/OTT Media Player

4G/LTE Wireless Gateway