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Wide Range of MCU and MPU Offerings for Every Budget and Embedded Performance Level

Differentiate  your products by adding aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich embedded graphical user interfaces to provide users with intuitive menus, vivid graphics, and easy interaction with their devices. Our broad portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs), accompanied by professional software tools, will help you overcome the challenges of adding embedded graphics to your design so that you can bring your product to market more quickly at a lower total system cost. Discover how to:

  • Develop professional-looking GUIs that match your branding requirements with our free software tools
  • Jump-start your application development with easy-to-use example designs and demos
  • Save time and money with widely available open-source solutions
  • Get expert support from our third-party partners to help you get to market faster

Scalable Support Across Platforms

Integrated Graphics Controllers

  • Displays up to 1024 × 768
  • Multimedia playback
  • Camera capabilities
  • Integrated LCD controller with 2D hardware acceleration
  • Linux® OS or RTOS/bare metal
  • Up to 256 MB integrated LPDDR2

Low-Cost Controllerless Graphics

  • Displays up to 800 × 480
  • Requires no LCD controller
  • Direct-drive panels are easy to implement
  • Lowers overall system cost
  • Highest level of integration and simple systems
  • Up to 512 KB integrated SRAM display buffer

Dedicated External Controller

  • Suitable for all display sizes
  • Dedicated display controller
  • Reduced overhead on MCU
  • Up to 384 KB integrated SRAM display buffer

Embedded Graphics Software Development Tools and Libraries

Graphics Design Tools for Non-Linux OS Applications

MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite (MHGS) Supports 32-bit MCUs and MPUs 

Creating professional-looking embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) has never been easier when you use the powerful and free MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite (MHGS). Available within the MPLAB Harmony embedded software development framework, MHGS is specifically designed specifically to take advantage of the capabilities of our high-performance, 32-bit embedded graphics MCUs and MPUs. This tightly integrated system of tools and software allows you to add GUIs, animation and imagery quickly and easily to a graphical display. Its “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG)-based embedded GUI development system comes with unique features that enable you to spend less time fixing bugs and re-integrating code from external tool sets and libraries, reducing your development time, cost and risk in designing compelling new products for your end users.

Why Should You Use MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite for Your Embedded GUI Development?

  • Tightly integrated tools environment: The tight integration between MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MPLAB Harmony embedded software development framework and MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite produces an enhanced, interactive development environment so you can focus on creating and debugging your application-specific code. This leads to lower overall development costs, a shorter time to market and higher-quality products.
  • Performance: MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite was designed from the ground up to enable code portability across multiple families of 32-bit MCUs and MPUs while also making maximum use of the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), multi-layer overlay graphics controllers and DRAM available on our high-performance 32-bit MCUs and MPUs.
  • Cost: MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite is free to design with and use with our 32-bit MCUs and MPUs. It is also royalty free. All components are available in each public release of MPLAB Harmony and work with the free version of the MPLAB XC32 compilers.

Graphics Design Tool for Linux Applications

Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT) Supports 32-bit MPUs

The Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT) is a free and open-source graphics software development toolkit that enables the creation of modern, responsive graphical user interfaces (GUI) for consumer, automotive, industrial and medical end products running Linux. EGT is optimized to provide superior graphical performance and an exceptional user experience on more power-efficient MPUs with lower cost and smaller memories, leading to an overall lower bill of material cost and power budget. Free of any licensing or royalty fees, EGT is a complete application-level graphics solution utilizing our existing drivers and libraries integrated with an already extensive Linux ecosystem. Hit the ground running with a stable, tested, and ready-to-go operating system and Software Development Kit (SDK) available on our Linux4SAM Linux wiki.  

Complete Solution to Accelerate Time to Market for Linux Applications Based on MPUs

  • Modern C++ design and simplicity based on mature Linux graphical libraries
  • Supports rapid iterations on a PC importing SVG or HTML5/CSS3 content from your favorite graphical design tools or develop directly on the target processor quickly and iteratively
  • Supports video playback, raster images, and vector graphics on all MPUs through mature open-source programs such as gstreamer and ffmpeg 
  • Standard video and image formats are supported, and on-chip acceleration is used when available to optimize performance
  • Rich and extensible default widget set designed for embedded touchscreens with customizable look and feel
  • Themeable widget drawing, colors, and fonts with built-in support for basic animations and effects
  • Easily integrates with real physics libraries like Box2D

Graphics Design Tools for 16-bit Microcontrollers

Microchip 16-bit Graphics Library

This graphics library is highly modular, easy to use and has an open documented interface for driver or controller support. It can be used with 16-bit PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and is available as a part of Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA). The library supports pre-made graphics objects, multiple fonts and languages.

Other Embedded Graphics Resources

Development Boards

Explore our selection of modular development boards for graphical displays that will simplify and speed up your prototyping.

Third-Party Tools

We have partnered with leading companies to provide additional GUI solutions that support our products.

Graphics Design Partners

If you need extra help with your design, contact one of our experienced Graphics Design Partners.


We're having trouble displaying information on this page right now. Please visit our Parametric Chart tool to search these products and their data.
We're having trouble displaying information on this page right now. Please visit our Parametric Chart tool to search these products and their data.
We're having trouble displaying information on this page right now. Please visit our Parametric Chart tool to search these products and their data.


Title Download
AN1182 - Fonts in the Microchip Graphics Library Download
AN1246, How to Create Widgets in Microchip Graphics Library Download
Title Download
Graphical and Segmented Display Solutions Brochure Download
PIC32 Graphics Sell Sheet Download
PIC32MZ DA Sell Sheet Download
Title Download
PIC32MZ Graphics (DA) Family Data Sheet Download
PIC24FJ256DA210 Family Data Sheet Download
PIC32MZ Graphics (DAK/DAL/DAR/DAS) Family Data Sheet Download
SAMA5D2 Series Data Sheet Download
SAMA5D4 Series Data Sheet Download
Title Download
PIC24F Family Reference Manual, Section 43. Graphics Controller Module (GFX) Download
PIC32 Family Reference Manual Sect. 55 DDR SDRAM Controller Download
PIC32 Family Reference Manual Sect. 54 Graphics LCD (GLCD) Controller Download
Title Download
Graphics Libraries v2.06 Download
MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer (MHGC) v2.06 Download


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