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Solutions for Graphical and Segmented Displays

Digital displays improve the user interface of just about any application. Segmented LCDs have historically been a popular choice of display technology. They continue to be used in a variety of medical and industrial applications. However, there has been a significant trend towards use of graphical displays—such as TFT, OLED and CSTN—in consumer, appliance and automotive applications. Today’s users prefer intuitive menus, vivid graphics, touch panel interaction and, in some cases, the ability to interact remotely with a system. Adding a graphical display presents several design challenges such as minimizing the cost of components associated with driving the display, overcoming the complexity of software needed for updating graphics, extending battery life and providing remote connectivity.

If you are looking to add newer, aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich interfaces to your products, we offer a broad portfolio of solutions that include touch sensing and display technologies. We deliver complete hardware and software solutions to get your design to market faster at a lower total system cost.

Solutions for Segmented Displays

  • Direct drive of inexpensive LCDs
  • Support for up to 512 segments
  • Integrated analog for sensor applications like temperature sensing in thermostats
  • Capacitive touch sensing
  • Integrated cryptographic engine with secure RAM key management for secure applications

Solutions for Graphical Displays

  • Support for up to SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution
  • Support for up to 24 bit per pixel
  • Graphics display design GUI and free graphics library
  • Integrated Ethernet and CAN for remote interfaces
  • USB OTG and mTouch® sensing solutions