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Hot-swap power management controllers are integral to protecting the integrity of your system's electronic loads when performing hot-swap operations. Our hot-swap controllers offer robust protection features and smooth turn-on functionality during hot plug-ins to ensure safe operation while maintaining the flexibility associated with hot-swappable boards.

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Single-Channel Hot-Swap Controller

Save board space and protect the integrity of your system with the feature-packed and space-saving MIC2582. Available in an 8-pin SOIC-8 and 16-pin QSOP, this hot-swap controller covers the most important protections needed in power supply environments such as inrush current limiting, output voltage slew rate control and circuit breaker functionality.

Hot Swap Controller Products

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Product Status Automotive Recommended 5K Pricing Number of Outputs Input Voltage Min (V) Input Voltage Max (V) Latch Off Auto Retry OVLO UVLO No of Power Good Description Packages
MCP18480 In Production $4.59 1 adjustable threshold adjustable threshold 20/PDIP, 20/SSOP
MIC2085 Mature Product No $3.63 Yes 16/QSOP
MIC2342 In Production No $5.04 Yes 4 48/TQFP
MIC2582 In Production No $2.46 Yes 8/SOIC
MIC2583 In Production No $2.88 Yes 1 Active High 16/QSOP
MIC2583R In Production No $2.88 Yes 1 Active High 16/QSOP
MIC2584 In Production No $4.69 Yes 16/TSSOP
MIC2585-2 In Production No Call for pricing Yes 2 Active High Please call for package information
MIC2587 In Production No $2.85 Yes 1 Active Low 8/SOIC
MIC2591B In Production No $12.64 Yes 1 Active Low 48/TQFP