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Why Worry About Quiescent Current?

In a world that runs on battery power, the ability to drastically lower power consumption during standby or sleep modes is no longer a luxury. This is especially true in mobile medical applications that have extended use between charging cycles. Consumers are also looking to squeeze every bit of battery power they can from each charge cycle, and that demand requires efficient Low-Dropout (LDO) regulators to optimize standby power usage.

We have a large selection of LDO regulators with the highest performance for quiescent current. We now offer the lowest quiescent current LDO in the market, consuming only 20 nA (typical) while operating with no load condition. By reducing the quiescent current, your application can stay in standby/sleep mode up to 20 times* longer than leading low quiescent current LDOs in the market. These LDOs are available in small packages ranging from 1 × 1 mm DFNs to SOT-23 packages with capacitor-less operation to minimize the footprint and reduce the PCB usage for congested real estate. These LDOs are ideal for battery-powered applications such as wearables, key fobs, GPS, handheld equipment, hearing aids, Bluetooth® earphones and more.

Featured Products


  • Low Iq of 250 nA typical
  • Small 1x1 mm DFN package
  • Better transient response and PSRR rating compared to other Low Iq LDOs


  • Lowest Iq in the market: 20 nA typical
  • Ultra-low shutdown current of 1 nA typical
  • Stable with 1 uF ceramic output capacitor


  • Low Iq of 600 nA typical
  • Stable without output capacitor
  • Small 1 × 1 mm DFN package


  • Low Iq of 650 nA typical
  • No output capacitor required
  • Wide input voltage up to 12V


  • Low Iq of 1.8 uA typical
  • Stable with 0.47 uF ceramic output capacitor
  • Reverse battery protection

* 20 nA vs. 400 nA
 MCP1711 and MIC5231 only