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Analog Ramp Generator with Slope Compensation


  • Analog ramp generator (with slope compensation) for Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Creates independent rising and/or falling voltage ramps
  • Multiple interconnects for closed loop control
  • Multiple output modes
    • Examples: slope, ramp, triangle
  • Intelligent control of integrated analog feedback loop


  • BOM cost reduction
  • Simplifies SMPS design
  • Core-independent operation
  • Operation while in low-power sleep

8-bit Microcontrollers with a Programmable Ramp Generator

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Product Slope Compensation Programmable Ramp Generator Number of Comparators Max # PWM outputs (including complementary outputs)
PIC16F1764 Yes 2 6
PIC16F1765 Yes 2 6
PIC16F1768 Yes 4 12
PIC16F1769 Yes 4 12
PIC16F1773 Yes 6 21
PIC16F1776 Yes 6 21
PIC16F1777 Yes 8 28
PIC16F1778 Yes 6 21
PIC16F1779 Yes 8 28
PIC16F753 Yes 2 0