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The High-Endurance Flash is a block of 128 memory locations found at the top of the Flash program memory. It provides superior endurance that is equal to that of traditional data EEPROM.


High Endurance Flash (HEF)

  • 128B of nonvolatile data memory
  • Shared with Flash program memory
  • 100K E/W cycle high-endurance Flash


  • Provides nonvolatile data storage
  • Low-cost alternative to EEPROM
  • Robust data storage and durability

Example Uses

  • Data logging
  • Look-up tables
  • Configuration and calibration settings

Application Notes

Title Download
AN1673 - Using the PIC16F1XXX High-Endurance Flash Block Download

8-bit Microcontrollers with High Endurance Flash (HEF)

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