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Time is money. This calculator uses your project’s flash density, manufacturing line cost and volume per year to show the yearly savings you could achieve with the much faster erase times possible with our SuperFlash® technology. See What is SuperFlash Technology? to understand why.

  • Step 1: Pick a Microchip NOR Flash density
  • Step 2: Estimate your manufacturing line cost
  • Step 3: Estimate your shipping volume for the target project

1. Select NOR Flash Density

2. Select Manufacturing Line Cost

3. Enter the System Volume/Year


4. Yearly Savings, Savings/Unit and Erase Time results are shown below

Calculated Yearly Savings
Calculated Savings/Unit
Erase Time Comparison

If the NOR Flash is reflashed more than one time during the system test, then a higher savings rate can be expected. If the NOR Flash only gets a partial reflash (multiple sectors only are reflashed) then savings will not be as much as shown in this simple calculator. Calculator results are only intended as estimates to assist in investigating product options, provided “as is”, and subject to Microchip’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Email eeprom@microchip.com  if you would like to work through a very specific use case.