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Mobile network architectures have been drastically impacted by the need for higher speeds, higher bandwidth and lower latency in this new era of global connectivity. 5G technology is rapidly emerging to address these needs and to provide reliable, robust and high-quality services to end users around the world. The connectivity, speed and performance unleashed by this leading-edge technology is driving advances in hand-held mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart homes and an array of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

These next-generation 5G networks require highly accurate synchronization to enable end-to-end nodes to meet the extremely tight time accuracy requirement of ±130 ns. While 4G networks relied on GPS receivers at every cell site to act as time sources, 5G networks use the IEEE® 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) as the primary method to synchronize time across devices. Our portfolio of synchronization products has the performance and features you need for implementing accurate time performance in your leading-edge 5G designs.

Key Features

  • Precise phase/frequency measurement and tuning features to lower system latency to achieve Class C and, in the future, Class D performance
  • Field-proven and sophisticated packet clock recovery algorithms that are the most widely deployed by carriers
  • Small-form-factor OCXO and TCXO with superior slope vs. temperature performance and operating temperature range up to 105°C
  • Very-low-noise VCXO/XO to support 5G jitter requirements
  • OCXOs with temperature stability of less than 3 ppb and superb holdover performance including 1.5 ms

Key Applications

  • Central timing function for carrier network equipment compliant to ITU-T G.8262.1, G.8273.2 and G.8273.4
  • Communications systems timed by any combination of Synchronous Ethernet, IEEE 1588 PTP or GPS/GNSS
  • Support for new 5G wireless architectures: CU, DU and RU systems
  • 5G systems with precise time requirements driven by advanced services such as carrier aggregation, coordinated multipoint, OTDOA location, etc.

Network Synchronization Products

We serve the 5G market with our leading-edge network synchronization timing IC and software solutions. These solutions offer feature-rich and highly programmable PLLs and a robust and field-proven IEEE 1588 algorithm to address stringent 5G time accuracy requirements. All our network synchronization products work seamlessly with our oscillators for the highest possible synchronization performance.     


We offer the most complete line of oscillator timing solutions with best-in-class phase noise, stability, operating temperature and performance under the environmental conditions required by 5G applications. We are also the only supplier of crystal, SAW, MEMS and atomic frequency references, so you can find the right solution for your application.

Clock Management Products

Our broad portfolio of clock generation, buffer and jitter attenuator products combines ultra-low jitter generation, programmability, low power and flexibility, making them ideal for your 5G applications.


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