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8-bit PIC® MCU Emulation Extension Paks

Time is money, and engineers who are outfitted with powerful and easy-to-use advanced debugging and development solutions are better able to meet their company’s ever-decreasing product design schedules and budgets. Microchip's 8-bit Emulation Extension Paks offer a variety of advanced emulation/debugging capabilities to assist customers with their tough code-debugging jobs. Its key features include real-time instruction trace, background debug and up to 32 hardware address/data breakpoints. Microchip continues its history of providing highly integrated 8-bit PIC MCUs with easy to use development tools that provide powerful emulation and debugging capabilities at a cost effective price.


  • Hardware Instruction Trace*
  • 32 Runtime Data Watch points*
  • 32 Powerful Hardware breakpoints/trigger events: address/data, ranges, data-masking/comparison, in/out of ISR
  • Runtime register reads/writes and breakpoints
  • 4 Event Combiners: each combines 8 combinational or sequential events into a single event trigger
  • Stack Snapshot
  • Trigger In/Out
  • Event breakpoints
  • Breakpoints and other events can trigger without halting execution
  • Stopwatch Cycle Counter
  • Previous PC query
  • Breakpoints, trace, stack snapshots, triggers, and event combiners use a common set of events for complex triggering
  • Trace adapter/cable* and short gold SIP pins included.
  • Emulates PIC16(L)F1933/4/6/7/8/9 devices

*Requires MPLAB® REAL ICE™ In-Circuit Emulator tool