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High Priority Access (HPA) is a 12-month maintenance service providing unlimited PRO optimizations for all MPLAB®  XC compiler versions, priority technical support for compiler-related queries, and free shipping of development tools that you order on Microchip’s Purchasing and Client Services e-commerce website. After HPA is purchased, it must be applied to a compiler and downloaded for it to start. The 12-month HPA will start on the date it is applied to the compiler or the date a current HPA expires, whichever is later.

If you choose not to renew your HPA, your existing compiler license will revert back to the free optimizations after your current HPA expires. If you let your HPA lapse, there are no extra fees. You can pick up HPA to renew your PRO optimizations and other HPA benefits at any time. If you would like to evaluate PRO optimizations, you can acquire a 60-day evaluation license to access all the optimizations and features of the PRO license.

All MPLAB XC Compilers come with one full year of HPA, and no further purchases or activations are necessary. For information on purchasing and activating your MPLAB XC HPA renewal, please download or review the MPLAB XC HPA Renewal Instructions, found in the documentation tab of the MPLAB XC Compilers page.

Use the following table to match your compiler with its corresponding HPA part number. Use the link to go to the product information on our Purchasing and Client Services site.

Compiler  Part Number  HPA Part Number 
MPLAB XC 8 PRO Workstation  SW006021-2  SW006021-2H
MPLAB XC 8 Standard Workstation  SW006021-1  SW006021-1H
MPLAB XC 8 PRO Network Server  SW006021-2N  SW006021-2NH
MPLAB XC 8 Standard Network Server  SW006021-1N  SW006021-1NH
MPLAB XC 16 PRO Workstation  SW006022-2  SW006021-2H
MPLAB XC 16 Standard Workstation  SW006022-1  SW006021-1H
MPLAB XC 16 PRO Network Server  SW006022-2N  SW006021-2NH
MPLAB XC 16 Standard Network Server  SW006022-1N  SW006021-1NH 
MPLAB XC 32 PRO Workstation  SW006023-2  SW006021-2H
MPLAB XC 32 Standard Workstation  SW006023-1  SW006021-1H
MPLAB XC 32 PRO Network Server  SW006023-2N  SW006021-2NH
MPLAB XC 32 Standard Network Server  SW006023-1N  SW006021-1NH
MPLAB XC 32++ PRO Workstation  SW006023-3  SW006021-2H
MPLAB XC 32++ PRO Network Server  SW006023-3N  SW006021-2NH 


MPLAB XC Compiler HPA Renewal

An HPA renewal can be purchased at any time prior to or after the expiration date with no penalties. This allows the HPA to be renewed only when it’s needed. You can also renew HPA for multiple years by purchasing and applying more than one at a time to your MPLAB XC PRO license. HPA can be renewed on our Purchasing and Client Services site or through your mySoftware account.

The two accounts have the same information in them with the same login and password, no matter which one you originally registered with.

HPA is a service that requires a reconfiguration of your existing license file. To do so, you will need to configure a new license file with your MPLAB XC activation key and machine’s host ID, download the file and run it on your system.