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QTouch Library for PTC

The QTouch Library is a royalty-free software library for developing touch applications on AVR® and Atmel SMART Arm®-based microcontrollers with Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC).

Developers can use it to easily integrate touch-sensing capability into their applications. The library can be used to develop single-chip solutions for many control applications or to reduce chip count in more complex applications.

The library supports both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance acquisition methods.

Note: These libraries do not support AVR or Atmel SMART Arm-based microcontrollers without PTC.

QTouch Configurator

QTouch Configurator is integrated into START, and offers an innovative, intuitive and graphical configuration to help design your touch application. START is an online tool - no installation is required. When you are done with your configuration, download it for use with your preferred integrated development environment (IDE), and continue development.

Data Visualizer

Data Visualizer is a program that processes and visualizes data. For example, it allows designers to plot touch signals in real time to help tune and monitor power consumption.

QTouch Tools for SAM with PTC

QTouch Composer

QTouch Composer is a complete set of tools for developing and tuning capacitive buttons, sliders and wheels designs—and is now fully integrated into Atmel Studio 7. It provides the most advanced, integrated environment for development of touch-enabled AVR or Arm processor-based applications.


QTouch Composer is available through the extension gallery in Microchip Studio


Title Download
QTouch Library 5.9.211 PTC Partpack Download
QTouch Modular Library 1.0.000 PTC Partpack Download
Atmel QTouch Library PTC Release Note Download


Title Download
AN_QTAN0062 - QTAN0062: QTouch and QMatrix Sensitivity Tuning for Keys, Sliders and Wheels Download
AN_42036 - AVR2068: RF4CE-HID QTouch Analyzer Target for AVR477 Download
AN_8425 - AVR3000: QTouch Conducted Immunity Download
AN_8375 - AVR262: QTouch with USB HID Download
AN_8332 - AVR259: ATtiny40 QTouchADC Demonstration Kit Download
AN_42056 - AVR3005: Low Power QTouch Design Download
Title Download
QTouch Library Selection Guide Download
Title Download
SAM D QTouch Safety Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide Download
QTouch Library 5.0 User Guide Download
QTouch Surface Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide Download
SAM C20 QTouch Safety Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide Download
QTouch General Library Peripheral Touch Controller User Guide Download


Title Download
Atmel QTouch Library 5.0 Download
QTouch Studio 4.3.1 - Visual Studio +.NET 3.5 Download
QTouch Studio 4.3.1 Download
QTouch Studio 4.3.1 Release Notes Download
Atmel QTouch Library 5.0 Release Notes Download
QTouch Library 4.4 Download
QTouch Studio 4.3.1 - Visual Studio Download