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Americas CES

Microchip is excited to announce our attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held from January 7–10, 2020. CES is the world’s meeting place for technology innovators in automotive, consumer, medical, industrial and other application areas. At the show, you’ll be able to meet with our experts to discuss how to create smart, connected and secure designs across a variety of markets. We’ll be exhibiting, by appointment only, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, MP26066. To schedule your meeting with an expert and experience how Microchip can enhance your next design, please click the "Schedule a Demo Appointment" button.

Explore Our Demos

Whether you’re looking for a preview of what we’re showing in January or following up post-show for additional information and next steps, the sections below list our CES 2020 demos across the areas of automotive, health, intelligent home, human interface, power and connectivity and security and include links to help you start designing.

Designers of modern vehicles face many new challenges as well as many new opportunities for innovation. Discover how our automotive-grade products enable you to design vehicles with advanced technologies for power management, motor control, connectivity, lighting, infotainment and other automotive applications. Here is a list of just some of the automotive demos we will be displaying at CES 2020.

Demo Description
Projection and Dynamic Lighting Using Laser Beam Steering Find out how you can use laser beam steering based on low-cost and highly robust MEMS mirrors to create easily programmable, bright and high-contrast images under all lighting conditions.
Ethernet Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) System Solution Using Ethernet to transport control data as well as audio and video streams in vehicles requires a complex set of components and technologies. This demo features a 100BASE-T1 physical layer transceiver, a 100BASE-T1 switch and an AVB endpoint to showcase our advanced portfolio of solutions for implementing automotive Ethernet AVB applications.
MIPI CSI-2 Bridge to CoaXPress® Technology This demo, which is based on our CoaXPress technology solutions, shows high-speed data transfer from a vehicle’s camera system to the electronic control units that support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. It demonstrates a MIPI-based solution that supports up to 12.5 Gbps over a single coaxial or shieled twisted pair link, with simultaneous high-speed downlink, low-speed uplink and power all over a single cable.
INICnet™ Technology for Microphone Network and eCall Visit us in Pod B8 at Booth 1814 at the Westgate Hotel Pavilion to see our demonstration of an eCall emergency response system that showcases AGL used in a safety-critical application. Based on INICnet™ technology, this system is implemented with a simplex daisy chain topology and highlights our network diagnostics feature.
INICnet™ Technology for Noise Cancellation Networks in Cars This setup demonstrates how INICnet technology can be used to network microphones, speakers and accelerometers to create a road noise cancellation application in vehicles. Featuring low latency and deterministic behavior, INICnet technology offers superior streaming data capabilities and support for an Ethernet channel for seamless integration into Ethernet-based system architectures.
ISELED® Automotive Color Lighting Integrated Smart Embedded LEDs (ISELED) is a new standard for automotive digital LED control. ISELED solves reliability issues in color LEDs and simplifies application development. This demo shows how a single Microchip microcontroller (MCU) can be used to control hundreds of ISELED-based LEDs to provide rich colors and lighting effects inside vehicles.
Inductive Sensing Throttle Body Control Push a car’s accelerator pedal and see how the engine air valves move. Featuring a dual linear position sensor and a rotary position sensor in operation, this demo showcases how these devices can interact with a host processor to implement sensing, motor control and safety.
TDK PowerHap™ Reference Design Feel the smart steering wheel that provides a haptic sensation like never before. At this demo, find out how you can drive TDK PowerHap actuators with our powerful High-Voltage (HV) drivers and other AEC-Q100 qualified electronics to create a complete smart switch solution for your automotive applications.
Programmable Illumination for 3D Scanning Applications Using Laser Beam Steering Discover how to use laser beam steering to accurately measure 3D objects. When used with a USB 3.0 camera, this solution demonstrates how you can use a laser to perform imaging and 3D metrology of objects in the camera’s field of view.
MEMS Mirror-Based LIDAR See a demonstration of our MEMS mirror-based 3D LIDAR solution using a 905 nm laser that can image a 30° ­× 30° field of view and that offers a fully programmable resolution and frame rate.
30 kW Three-Phase Vienna PFC Reference Design Featuring our next-generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices and our dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller (DSC), our three-phase Vienna Power Factor Correction (PFC) reference design for Hybrid Electric Vehicle/Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV) charger and high-power switch mode power supply applications achieves 98.5% efficiency at 30 kW output power.
Smart Embedded Vision Our low-power, small-form-factor PolarFire® FPGAs deliver best-in-class reliability for automotive applications. This demo highlights the capabilities of our PolarFire FPGA Smart Embedded Vision solutions for developing smart imaging systems. It reads two 4k video streams to combine video inputs into a picture-in-picture format and performs edge detection while displaying the output via HDMI.
Curved Surfaces with maXTouch® Technology Discover how maXTouch 2D touchscreen controllers that are molded into 3D shapes plus our microcontrollers (MCUs) can be used for force sensing and haptic, audio or LED feedback. This demo shows how electronics can be molded into curved plastics for adding touch buttons, sliders, wheels and trackpads to automotive, consumer, industrial, factory and other applications
Industry’s Smallest Clock Generator Offering  up to three outputs to reduce board space for timing components by up to 80%, our DSC612/613 family of products also provides leading frequency flexibility and robust jitter performance. Visit us to learn more about the industry's smallest MEMS clock generator.
USB Type-C® Power Delivery (PD) Media Hub with Head Unit Add USB Type-C functionality to automotive infotainment centers and other applications. Learn how our automotive-grade USB SmartHub™ IC can natively support Apple® CarPlay® and Android Auto while also enabling up to 100W of power for two downstream USB Type-C ports.
Automotive Knob-on-Display and Ultrawide Touchscreen Center Console This new automotive center console demo features our innovative maXTouch technology-based Knob-on-Display (KoD) functionality, which allows OEMs to add features and functions to a vehicle’s ultrawide touchscreen while reducing driver distraction.
Automotive 2D/3D Center Console Demo See how the combination of 2D maXTouch technology and 3D GestIC® technology can be used to add innovative 3D air gestures to a traditional touchscreen in a center console. This technology enables the driver to control  various functions without taking their eyes off the road.
Miniature Autofocus Camera by Sheba Microsystems Offering ultra-fast autofocus in video mode, Sheba's MEMS open new opportunities in ADAS system design for all large optics camera systems. Sheba’s MEMS, which use Microchip’s HV drivers, enable automotive cameras to develop autofocus, OIS and calibration through actuation of the image sensor instead of the lens. This unique demo shows how focusing on specific details flagged by an AI ADAS vision system leads to higher-quality information being available sooner to improve decision making and safety.
Sharing NVMe in an Edge Computing Machine Learning Inference Application This demo will feature a Switchtec™ PAX switch enabling the sharing of NVMe storage between two automotive processors to perform simultaneous object recognition and line detection/vector prediction.
CryptoAutomotive™ Security IC on CAN Bus See a demonstration of how an in-vehicle CAN bus can be hacked to wreak havoc in an actual instrument cluster and how adding hardware authentication using our CryptoAutomotive security IC enables you to regain control of the network.

To keep up with the rapid evolution in the healthcare industry, you need the right solutions for designing smart, connected and secure Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled medical devices. We offer a variety of reference designs and other resources to help you create innovative products. Check out these health-related demos when you visit our booth at CES 2020.

Demo Description
Cloud-Authenticated Pulse Oximeter Featuring our AVR-IoT WG Development Board, our Cloud-Authenticated Pulse Oximeter demonstration shows you how to measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation and how to securely send these measurements to Google’s Cloud IoT Core platform
Smart, Connected and Secure Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG) Our Smart, Connected and Secure Wearable ECG Demonstration Board can be used to design advanced fitness tracking devices and can also be designed into medical wearable remote patient monitoring and diagnostic systems. It measures complex heart rate and computes other heart-related data, tracks patient movement and transmits data via Bluetooth® to communicate with tablets, smartphones or PCs for IoT capability. It also demonstrates secure authentication to a server and protection against rogue cyberattacks.
Connected Functional Safety Syringe Pump and Auto Injector If you need to implement a safety-critical medical application, our Functional Safety Syringe Pump/Auto Injector demo highlights the use of our Class B Functional Safety Software Libraries. It shows you how to design the motor control and sensor interface for an automatic syringe pump or auto injector device and demonstrates how to implement connected patient compliance functions in a drug delivery system.
Home/Portable Patient Health Monitor Our Patient Monitor demo is a functional design that measures real-time ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature. This demo is based on the SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra  Evaluation Board using the Linux® Operating System (OS). The real-time vital sign measurements are supplied by our ECG, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Pressure Meter and Medical Thermometer demonstration board designs.
Single-Chip Nebulizer Design with Secure Authentication Capability This demo shows a functional nebulizer design where only the manufacturer’s medicine cup will authenticate with the same manufacturer’s main nebulizer head unit and not with a counterfeit medicine cup. The benefits of authentication are protection for brand name, brand quality, sales revenue, service revenue as well as protection from regulatory and legal liability issues.
MEMS Medical Pump MEMS piezoelectric micro pumps offer small, lightweight, low-power, low-cost and accurate alternatives to standard pumps that have traditionally been used in precision-controlled drug delivery devices. Our Medical MEMS Micro Pump Demonstration Board shows how the integrated Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) on an 8-bit MCU significantly offload the control functions from the core during operation. See how using CIPs can reduce board size and power consumption and shorten your development time.
Wearable Heart Rate Monitor Click board™ Our Wearable Reflective Heart Rate Monitor Demonstration board shows how you can measure heart rate using a single 8-bit MCU. The demonstration board utilizes a Phase Division Multiplexing technique to simultaneously measure multiple signals with near-zero cross talk. This technique is implemented using one of the many of our MCUs with integrated CIPs, enabling a low-noise reflective heart rate monitor design with significantly lower BOM costs than conventional designs. This version of the board was implemented as a Mikroelektronika Click board.

The intelligent home is becoming more connected and more sensitive to power consumption as homeowners seek to create a more comfortable, convenient and energy-efficient living space. See demos of a variety of the technologies we offer for creating solutions for the intelligent home, plus some examples of consumer products using our devices that are available today. 

Demo Description
32-bit Graphics Showcase Adding professional-looking and feature-rich Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to your products doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Learn how to jump-start your development using the free set of graphics tools available within the MPLAB® Harmony v3 embedded software development framework. This solution works with our full range of 32-bit devices, from very-low-cost Arm® Cortex®-M0 based MCUs to hyper-fast MPUs.
PIC® and AVR® MCU Solutions for Google’s Cloud IoT Platform Designing secure, cloud-connected systems does not have to be an overwhelming process. Find out how our AVR-IoT and PIC-IoT WG Development Boards provide you with a perfect starting point for creating almost any IoT device ranging from wireless sensor nodes to intelligent lighting systems.
LoRa® IoT City Low power meets long range with LoRa technology. Learn how to use our ultra-low-power and high-performance SAM R34/35 LoRa System-in-Package (SiP) family to develop solutions for the IoT world including intelligent home, smart building, energy management, street lighting and tracking applications. Find out how to securely communicate with The Things Network’s cloud infrastructure using the ATECC608A secure element.
Virtual Reality See how your actions in a virtual world can come to life in the real world. This demo will show you how you can accelerate your IoT development with our Wi-Fi® Smart Device Enablement Kit and Bluetooth Low Energy solutions.
Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Alexa Built In Add Alexa Voice Services to your speaker with our Timberwolf (ZL38063) Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution.  Stream audio from your smartphone and experience high-quality far-field and barge-in capabilities.
Wireless Earbuds Ditch the wires, keep the sound. Our Wireless Stereo Technology (WST) for Bluetooth audio applications is engineered for uninterrupted music and voice calling, even if a single earbud is used. 
E-Faucet with Touch Controls Touch controls enable new and sleek designs for the intelligent home. Discover how our robust touch solutions enable water-tolerant touch in everyday devices like faucets.
Light Wall See and feel how to upgrade your lighting application with an innovative, touch-based UI and high-efficiency LED controllers to dim and to control the color of the light.
Meural Canvas Digital Photo Frame Come see how the NETGEAR® Meural Photo Frame combines our patented GestIC technology with a smart frame that renders images as lifelike as museum originals. 3D gestures enable intuitive control of image selection and settings without leaving behind messy fingerprints.
SimpliSafe® DIY Intelligent Home Security SimpliSafe is a self-installed security system that connects to a central monitoring center. The system includes a base station, wireless keypad and a variety of peripheral sensors including entry, motion, temperature, water and glass-break sensors as well as devices like cameras and smoke detectors. A PIC24FJ “GA6” MCU featuring eXtreme Low Power (XLP) modes is used to implement the display and fonts in the SimpliSafe keypad.
Turtle Beach® Stealth 700 Wireless Headset for Xbox One® and PS4 Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gaming headsets provide wireless over-ear surround sound for Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles. These headsets use the very-low-power PIC32MM “GPM” MCU, which is ideal for use in portable and wireless applications. This MCU performs audio processing and other capabilities like the Bluetooth operation stored in internal Flash, booting up the radio and adjusting the volume control.
Qixing Sewing Machine Motor Control Qixing, the world leader in sewing machine control systems, takes full advantage of the dsPIC33EP64MC206 DSC’s motor control optimized peripherals, such as the Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) and Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and the CPU’s digital signal processing capability to implement servo motor control.
Microchip Intelligent Building Gateway with Lighting, Motor and Sensor Endpoints The Microchip Intelligent Building (MiB) gateway system demonstrates a unique, simple and effective way to power and control home automation with just a single data cable. Using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, such as the PDS-408G, the gateway negotiates up to 90W of power for each Ethernet port and facilitates the integration of a number of endpoints. Each endpoint has a specific function that expands the system’s capabilities through sensors networks, actuators, control panels and more. Supplying both bi-directional communication and power on the same cable reduces installation costs and allows the efficient management of power to implement a home automation application. This intelligent home system runs the lighting, AC ducting, blinds and gesture-controlled switches, along with a variety of sensors. The gateway and endpoints are based on our 8-bit PIC18F family of MCUs.

Upgrade your product by adding an innovative and intuitive user interface powered by our MCUs, MPUs and FPGAs. We also offer solutions for implementing low-power, water-tolerant and noise-robust touch in a variety of automotive, industrial and consumer applications. Here are some of the demos you will see at CES 2020:

Demo Description
Localized Haptics in Hard and Soft Goods Learn how to create localized, independent sensations that have a natural and authentic feel by using thin film actuators that add a haptic skin to any hard or soft device. Feel it all in applications ranging from textiles to gaming controllers.
Hello FPGA The Hello FPGA is a low-cost, compact and feature-rich kit based on the SmartFusion®2 (M2S010-1VF256) FPGA. Targeted towards end users with low-to-medium FPGA experience, this kit supports powerful demos and provides a versatile platform for new FPGA users to prototype on their own. It has Arduino® and mikroBUS™ connectors for prototyping flexibility and expansion as you learn more about FPGAs and get comfortable with our tools.
Single-Chip Touch and Graphics Solution Would you like to reduce costs by using fewer ICs in your design? Our single-chip touch and graphics solution uses a SAM D5x/E5x MCU to enable rich graphics and complete touch on TFT touchscreens.
Low-Power Touch Nearly every design today runs on a tight power budget. Our touch solutions support low-power designs right from the tool chain. Learn about the low-power capabilities of our PIC®, AVR® and SAM MCUs for all touch applications including single and multiple buttons, sliders, touchpads and proximity.
Water-Tolerant Touch Water doesn’t have to be the enemy of touch in your next design. Stop by our booth to see demos of our water-tolerant and waterproof touch solutions.
Smart Button with Haptics and Touch Feedback Feel an innovative smart surface that combines film-based actuators with capacitive touch technology. With this solution, you can create contextual user interfaces where the buttons and sliders provide a different haptic sensation based on their functions.
Surface Haptics by Tanvas® Feel the future of haptics as electrostatics are used to control friction and create virtual touch. TanvasTouch® surface haptics technology brings dynamic textures to flat, physical surfaces so you can feel the edges of keys, the snap of a toggle switch, the swipe of a turned page, or the direction and magnitude of impacts in a game. The applications for this technology are endless.
Rotary Touch Encoder with maXTouch Technology-Powered Touchscreen This demo shows how a unique Display-on-Knob (DoK) user interface for touchscreens brings classic mechanical knobs into the era of smart interactive devices.
Zebra Barcode Scanner and Handheld Portable Computing Terminal with maXTouch Technology See demonstrations of how maXTouch technology is used to implement single-finger thick-glove support in the touch interfaces used in Zebra Technologies’ MC93 rugged gun-style inventory management barcode scanner and TC57 rugged handheld portable computing terminal.
Cambridge Speakers with 3D Air Gesture Control Cambridge Audio’s Yoyo-M high-fidelity stereo speakers feature our innovative 3D air gesture controls. See how to wake up the touch control buttons on approach and control music playback with a simple wave of your hand.
Home Appliance Knob-on-Display Touchscreen See how our maXTouch technology-based Knob-on-Display (KoD) functionality can be used to create cutting-edge home appliance user interfaces. This interface blends the tactile feedback of a traditional knob with a modern interactive display to enable local control of smart home appliances.
Smart Molded Structures for Touch and Lighting TactoTek®, the leading developer of Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™) solutions, brings surfaces to life by molding lighting, touch controls and connectivity into thin and elegant 3D shaped surfaces

See an assortment of solutions for charging and connecting devices using some of our latest products and technologies.

Smart city and connection lines. Internet concept of global business, Bangkok, Thailand.
Demo Description
Ion Energy Electric Vehicle Battery Management System (BMS) As the “brain” of any battery pack, the Battery Management System (BMS) is responsible for measuring cell voltages, ensuring balanced charge cycles, identifying states and controlling crucial safety systems. Your choice of a BMS affects the performance and life of the battery you use in electric vehicle battery packs. The Ion Energy FreeSafe LT BMS uses a dsPIC33EP512GM710 DSC to manage up to 25 cells in series and is scalable to support up to 340 cells.
dsPIC® DSC Wireless Power Charging Solutions Learn how the dsPIC33 DSC, which includes a powerful DSP core, high-speed ADCs and high-resolution PWMs, provides a high level of programmability and enables standards-based and proprietary wireless charging solutions. The dsPIC33-based 15W transmitter complies with the Qi™ standard and supports CAN, NFC and Authentication. The 200W Transmitter/Receiver solution, which targets applications such as power tools and industrial robots,  is based on a proprietary protocol, provides greater than 90% efficiency and includes an advanced Foreign Object detection scheme.
Ultra-Low-, Low- and Medium-Power Wireless Charging Solutions These real-world examples of wireless charging products represent ultra-low-, low- and medium-power charging options. The end-customer products on display use the dsPIC33 DSC or PIC24FJ MCU for a range of applications, from a coffee cup charging pad and wireless charging ear buds to a wireless charging hand drill. dsPIC DSCs and PIC MCUs provide the flexibility to optimize standards-based and proprietary wireless power/charging solutions.
Universal Dock with HostFlexing and Power Delivery Balancing This demo system offers a consistent and logical usage model that removes complexity of implementing USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications.
Implementing IEEE® 1588-2008 (PTP) The Precision Time Protocol Demo (PTP) features our LAN7430 PCIe® 3.1 to Gigbit Ethernet bridge to showcase the protocol’s nanosecond accuracy and autocorrection of the latency in an Ethernet network.

Embedded security crosses all market segments. With the recent increase in attacks targeting connected embedded devices, silicon devices need to offer advanced security features. Stop by our booth to find out how our comprehensive portfolio of security solutions can meet your design’s specific requirements.

Demo Description
Trust Platform and Secure Provisioning for the Mass Market Learn how our new in-house Trust Platform secure provisioning service provides you with the options and flexibility you need to meet the requirements of your company’s security model. Offered in three tiers of secure elements—Trust&GO, TrustFLEX and TrustCUSTOM—this service, along with our Trust Platform Design Suite software, makes prototyping easy, reduces your costs and speeds up your development.
Cloud Gateway Intelligent cloud gateways convert low-value data into edge-processed, high-value data. Learn how to create an intelligent cloud gateway using the SAMA5 microprocessor (MPU) with our Linux OS-based AWS gateway evaluation kit and software scripts.
Platform Firmware Resiliency Platform firmware is critical to the trustworthiness of a system. A successful attack on platform firmware could render a system inoperable. Visit us to learn how to design resiliency of platforms booting from SPI Flash against potentially destructive attacks.
SAM L11 Automatic Cloud Enrollment with Trustonic Kinibi-M™ This demo showcases how the factory pre-provisioned identity stored in a SAM L11 MCU can be used to authenticate multiple cloud ecosystems. Since the identity is cloud-agnostic, your IoT device can securely connect to a cloud provider of your choice. There’s no need to re-architect or reprogram a board for each cloud provider, which saves both time and costs.
MultiZone™ Security in Robotic Arm The Linux OS and real-time control come together in a single PolarFire FPGA SoC development platform. See how to use MultiZone Security to secure the deterministic behavior of mixed-criticality systems.