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Treelink: Fast, Easy Navigation to Hundreds of Analog and Interface Solutions

This great discovery tool provides an encompassing overview of all of our analog and interface products. Once the presentation is open, a product line can be viewed by clicking on the box of interest and can then be drilled down to learn individual product details.

Quickly and Easily Access Solutions and End Equipment Design in An Online Portal 

Selecting the correct product for an application is critical. Today, users generally search for a product online, but with hundreds (if not thousands) of pages to manually navigate, this can result in a very overwhelming experience. In addition, some websites may offer broad information, but most don’t make it easy enough to get to the desired parts within a few clicks.   

What is the Solution? 

Microchip offers an interactive product selector tool — Treelink — to help users locate specific products in seconds. It provides a category-based overview for all our analog and interface products. It can be viewed on the web or downloaded as a complete PDF. Navigating through Treelink is easy, it offers a product page that includes all Microchip analog products with the description of key specifications and a link to each product’s individual webpage. See figure 1. 

Save Time - No More Guesswork!  
Forget about all the times when you had to browse the whole product line or website to find a product with the right parameters for your type of application. A recent and very popular addition to Treelink is the End Equipment Reference Design. This has made it easier to find the right parts you need to bring your design to life. Now, just simply click on the red blocks to reveal the recommended Microchip products for that functional block, along with the relevant part number. See figure 2. 

Treelink Product Updates 
Treelink is updated every three months to include new products or new reference designs, offering up-to-date information. It enables smooth navigation and simple comprehension when selecting the right product for your application or program. With Treelink, the task of excavating information from a website, is eliminated. 

There is no formal training required to use Treelink. Also, since it can be downloaded as a document, you can access the tool on any device without worrying about internet connectivity! 

Gain a broad overview of analog and interface solutions while accessing detailed product information quickly and easily. Find your next solution on Treelink today! To access Treelink, please click here

Romina Toska, Jun 9, 2020