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NKC Electronics

NKC Electronics is a supplier of products such as development boards, Arduino-compatible boards, logic analyzers, test & measurement devices, and much more.

For Technical Support please visit forums.nkcelectronics.com.

Weston, Florida, United States of America
Phone: 1-888-451-7652


Protoshield Kit for chipKIT Uno32


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This Protoshield kit from NKC Electronics is a great way to expand your chipKIT™ Uno32™. Develop your custom circuits on a solder-less breadboard. Once the circuit is tested and ready, install it on a Protoshield for a permanent solution, and free up your breadboard for the next project. Basic soldering experience is required. (Note: breadboard and soldering iron are not included.) Features include:

  • All Uno32 signals and power lines available with standard headers
  • Power indicator LED with resistor and filtering capacitor
  • Two power buses are jumper selectable (5V or GND)
  • DIP-oriented and general-purpose prototyping areas available
  • Multiple shields can be stacked on top of chipKIT Uno32

Assembly instructions are available at http://www.chipkit.net/nkc-protoshield-uno32

NKC Electronics is a trusted Third-Party Tool provider.