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MOST50 E-O Converter

Part Number: B10276


The MOST50 E-O Converter is a tool to validate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and operational electrostatic discharge (ESD) behaviors of a MOST50 ePHY Device Under Test (DUT). MOST50 E-O Converter come in pairs. One device is located in the isolated EMC/ESD test environment. It has a connection via MOST50 to the DUT on the one hand and an optical connection to its MOST50 E-O Converter partner device outside of the test environment on the other hand. View More

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Product Features

    • Converts network signals between MOST50 electrical physical layer (ePHY) and the optical physical layer
    • Minimal impact on MOST50 ePHY network messages
    • Protection of stimulus equipment in demanding test environments
    • Optical interface operable at lengths up to 50m
    • Aluminum enclosure with battery power supply to reduce emissions and improve immunity
    • On-board battery charger circuit
    • Simultaneous battery charging and powering the device
    • Low battery indicator
    • Remote monitoring of ePHY errors via the 'Versatile Link' optical transmitter
    • Status LEDs: power, charge, optical error and ePHY error
    • Tested under the following conditions:
      • CISPR 25:2002; Radiated and Conducted Emissions: Class 5, narrowband
      • ISO 11452-3:2001(E); 225 V/m, 1 - 400 MHz
      • ISO 11452-4:2001; 200 mA (no network unlocks or coding errors), 300 mA (no physical damage)
      • ISO 10605:2001; handling: ±8 kV contact discharge, operational: ±15 kV air discharge