Microchip Technology Inc

Demo/Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards provide the ability to evaluate product performance as well as providing a development platform for PIC® based applications.


  • System and ADC performance analysis through graphical PC tools
    • Noise histogram
    • Frequency domain (FFT)
    • Time domain scope plot
  • Robust hardware design for low noise evaluation of ADCs
  • PICtail Plus connectors for Explorer 16 daughter board
  • USB connection

Energy Measurement AFE Demo/Eval Boards

Product NamePart NumberDescription
MCP3911 ADC Eval Board for 16-bit MCUsADM00398MCP3911, PIC24FJ128GA110, dsPIC33
MCP3901 ADC Eval Board for 16-bit MCUsMCP3901EV-MCU16MCP3901, PIC24FJ128GA010, dsPIC33FJ256GP710A
MCP3903 Eval Board for 16-bit MCUsADM00310MCP3903, PIC24FJ128GA010, dsPIC33FJ256GP710A
MCP3905A Energy Meter Eval BoardMCP3905EVMCP3905A
MCP39F511 Power Monitor Demo BoardADM00667MCP39F511

System on Chip Demo/Eval Boards

Product NamePart NumberDescription
PIC18F87J72 Eval BoardADM00333PIC18F87J72

Technology Demo/Eval Boards

Product NamePart NumberDescription
Consumer Band Power Line Modem PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164142dsPIC33FJ256GP710A
Utility Band Power Line Modem PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164145dsPIC33FJ256GP710A


Product NamePart NumberDescription
802.15.4- MRF24J40MA PICtail/PICtail Plus (2.4 GHz)AC164134-1MRF24J40 at 0 dBm
802.15.4- MRF24J40MB PICtail/PICtail Plus (2.4 GHz)AC164134-2MRF24J40 at 20 dBm
802.15.4- MRF24J40MC PICtail/PICtail Plus (2.4 GHz)AC164143MRF24J40 at 20 dBm with external antenna
WiFi™ PICtail Development Board (2.4 GHz)AC164136-4MRF24WB0MA at 10 dBm
433.92 MHz- MRF49XA PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164137-1MRF49XA at 0 dBm external antenna
868 MHz- MRF89XAM8A PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164138-1MRF89XAM8A at 0 dBm
915 MHz- MRF89XAM9A PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164138-2MRF89XAM9A at 0 dBm

Metering Video Channel