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To enable a wide range of utility metering solutions, Microchip offers a flexible Microcontroller (MCU) and Digital Signal Controller (DSC) platform solution with a common Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - MPLAB® IDE. The broad portfolio of 8/16/32-bit MCUs and DSCs lowers total system cost by enabling the appropriate level of integration to match utility metering system requirements and reducing battery life through eXtreme Low Power (XLP) performance. Design flexibilty for adapting to changing or local system requirements is provided through our unique approach that allows easy migration across the entire MCU and DSC portfolio. Available utility metering solutions with free agency calculation firmware range from a single-chip design with the PIC18F87J72 which offers ease of use and smaller board space to a flexible two-chip solution using Microchip's energy measuring IC with any PIC® MCU or dsPIC® DSC.



  • Integrated LCD Driver, Real-Time-Clock and Calendar, Temp Sensor,
    and 12- and / or 16-bit ADC
  • Extreme low power for longest battery life, enabling Super Cap backup option
  • Free energy calculation firmware for Active/Reactive Energy, Active / Reactive / Apparent Power and RMS Current / Voltage, etc.
  • Free calibration software
  • Single platform with common IDE across 8- / 16- / 32-bit architecture
  • Full migration path from 8 KB Flash to 512 KB Flash memory

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