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Medical Ultrasound Imaging System

The ultrasound image is formed by applying the electrical pulses to the ultrasound transducers. The transducers convert the electrical pulses to ultrasound waves. By applying the acoustic coupling agents such as ultrasound gel between the ultrasound transducer probe surface and the skin, the sound waves propagate into the tissue beneath and to the parts that need to be imaged. When the sound waves hit a boundary between tissues, part of the sound waves get reflected back to the transducer while some sound waves propagate further until they hit another tissue boundary and get reflected. By receiving and processing the echoes, the 2D image of the internal organs and structures can be formed.


Medical ultrasound imaging systems provide a non-invasive way to diagnose a variety of diseases and conditions without the use of radiation. In the past decade, the medical ultrasound imaging systems had been evolved from the traditional large size trolley-based system to more light-weight & portable system. The new light-weight and portable systems are often battery-powered and they are often used in the Point-of-Care and EMED application. The trend in system miniaturization drives the need of low-power and highly integrated ultrasound analog front-end ICs.

Microchip Technology offers the complete solution in the analog front-end circuit for medical ultrasound. Microchip’s medical ultrasound components include: High Voltage Analog Switch, Integrated High Voltage Transmitter, High voltage FET and FET Array, FET Driver, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, and T/R Switch.

High Voltage Analog Switch

  • Industry leader in High Voltage Analog Switch
  • Superior performance in low charge injection, low harmonic distortion, channel to channel cross-talk, OFF-isolation, low on-resistance, low parasitic capacitance, high bandwidth, and low quiescent power dissipation.
  • Widest selection in the industry - number of channel is ranged from 8 to 32 in wide variety of package choice & switch configuration
  • Industry smallest bumped die package available in HV2701 and HV2601
  • Industry first High Voltage Analog Switch HV2809 & HV2808 in 16 SPDT configuration support bank switching tailored for probe slot multiplexing application.

Ultrasound Transmitter

  • Broad portfolio in FET driver and High Voltage FET, and High Voltage FET Array products
  • High performance Integrated Ultrasound Transmitter with output current up to 3A
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator products for high-end systems

T/R Switch

  • No bias voltage required, easy to use
  • Single channel, dual channel, Quad channel available
  • Integrated clamp diodes in Quad channel device MD0101
  • Input voltage is up to +/-130V in Quad channel device MD0105