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Medical Ultrasound Imaging System

The healthcare industry is seeing a strong and a steady growth around the globe, resulting in an increased demand for non-invasive medical imaging modalities including ultrasound, Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Among these options, medical ultrasound offers outstanding features such as low cost, portability and zero radiation.

Ultrasound instruments have evolved over the years from heavy, trolley-based systems to lightweight and portable devices that are often hand held and battery powered for use in Point-of-Care (POC) applications. If you are developing a medical ultrasound platform, our IC solutions offer exceptional performance, reliability and a long lifecycle to meet your design requirements.

Our portfolio of High-Voltage (HV) ultrasound products includes high-voltage analog switches, integrated high-voltage transmitters, high-voltage Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) and FET arrays, FET drivers, arbitrary waveform generators and Transmit/Receive (T/R) switches. By choosing our high-density, multi-channel analog switches and feature-rich ultrasound transmitters, you can significantly shrink the size of your ultrasound scanner can while still offering high image quality.

High-Voltage Analog Switches

  • Industry-leading portfolio of high channel-count (up to 32) HV analog switches
  • Superior performance in low charge injection, low harmonic distortion, low cross-talk and off-isolation, low parasitic capacitance, and low quiescent power dissipation
  • High-density bumped die package available in HV2701/HV2705 and HV2601/HV2605

Ultrasound Transmitters

  • Broad portfolio in high-voltage FETs, FET drivers and FET arrays
  • High-performance integrated ultrasound transmitter with output current up to 3A
  • Rich feature integration, such as transmit beamformer, return-to-zero circuit and more
  • Arbitrary waveform generator products for high-end systems
  • Ultra-low phase noise (<-160 dBc/Hz) Continuous Wave (CW) transmitters:  CW01, MD1730

T/R Switches

  • No bias voltage required
  • Single channel, dual channel, quad channel available
  • Integrated clamp diodes in MD0101 quad-channel device
  • Input voltage up to ±130V in MD0105 quad-channel device
How Does Ultrasound Imaging Work?

An ultrasound image is formed by applying high-voltage pulses to an ultrasound probe and processing the back-scattered echoes from the human body. An ultrasound probe is an array that consists of hundreds to thousands of elements to beamform a specific sound field. Although they don’t all fire at once, each of these elements needs to be controlled by one switch channel and be driven by one transmitter channel at a time. Therefore, high channel-count transmit/receive is a must to generate a decent image for diagnostic purposes. The trend in system miniaturization in ultrasound instrument designs is also driving the need for high-performance, low-power and highly integrated analog front-end ICs. Communicating with multiple component suppliers while trying to implement an extremely complex ultrasound system design just adds to your development challenges. We not only offer a one-stop shop to implement a full system solution, but our knowledgeable application and solution engineers are available to support you through your design cycle.

Ultrasound System Block Diagram
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