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Power Line Communications

Power Line Communications (PLC) is a technology that carries data on a conductor that is primarily designed for electric power transmission. Since it can be used to implement two-way communications over existing power distribution networks, PLC is a key technology for use in the smart grid.

Smart Energy Management Diagram

Our PLC solutions enable data to be transferred through AC and DC power lines, which reduces wiring costs in applications such as fire and alarm systems, smart lighting, home and building energy management systems and solar farms. When used with the accompanying firmware, our PLC modems can support applications requiring either basic connectivity (point-to-point or star topologies) or complex PLC networks (mesh topologies with routing). You can download examples for basic PLC connectivity, as well as complete implementations of state-of-the-art PLC protocols such as ITU-T G.9903 (G3-PLC®) and ITU-T G.9904 (PRIME), from this website.

Smart Energy Diagram

In many parts of the world, Narrow-Band Power Line Communications (NB-PLC) technology has proven to be a robust and cost-optimized solution in large deployments of smart meters. With just a simple change of firmware, our PLC solutions can support any NB-PLC protocol. Our PLC reference designs are compliant with local regulations, such as Europe/CENELEC, USA/FCC and Japan/ARIB to further simplify your development.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class sensitivity and high-temperature stability
  • Improved Analog Front End (AFE) providing outstanding efficiency
  • Price-competitive, high-performance solutions
  • Free software stacks for PLC
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