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Multi-channel Half-Bridge Drivers

Microchip multi-channel half bridge drivers support brushed DC motors in automotive and industrial applications. They are designed to support three to six independent driver stages and currents up to 1A each half bridge output. The control and diagnosis interface is a 16-Bit SPI.
The devices are designed in BCD-on-SOI architecture, combining high-voltage capability with the benefits of rugged SOI technology: high-temperature resistance, excellent radiation hardness, very low leakage currents, low parasitic and latch-up immunity.

Main Features

  • Supply and operation up to 40V
  • RDSon maximum 1,5Ohm - 1.8Ohm
  • Up to 650mA - 1A load current
  • 3 or 6 half-bridge outputs
  • Capable of switching all kinds of loads such as DC motors, bulbs, resistors, capacitors and inductors
  • PWM capability up to 25kHz for each half bridge output controlled by external PWM signal (ATA6831C, 32C)
  • No shoot-through current
  • Very low quiescent current <2µA in Standby Mode versus total temperature range
  • Outputs short circuit protected
  • Overtemperature prewarning and protection for each output stage
  • Selective thermal shutdown for every single output stage (ATA6831C, ATA6832C)
  • Maximum junction temperature up to 200°C (ATA6832C)
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Various diagnostic functions such as shorted out, open-load, overtemperature and power-supply fail detection
  • SPI interface, daisy chain capable