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Getting Started with Inductive Position Sensors

Whether you are ready to lay out your own PCB-based inductive position sensor or want to purchase a pre-built evaluation sensor for rapid system prototyping, we can assist you with your project. Our Position Sensor Library is an excellent starting point. We also offer linear and rotary evaluation board (EVB) kits to quickly prototype your system application, an Integrated Programming and Calibration Environment (IPCE), programmers and software that simplify inductive position sensor evaluation, testing and programing. If you don’t see what you need here, contact our technical support team for advanced sensor information and other assistance with your project.

Three Simple Steps for Building Your Own PCB-Based Sensor

  • Step 1: Choose and download a sensor layout from the Position Sensor Library
  • Step 2: Order the matching LX3302AQPW-EASY sensor IC
  • Step 3: Build and run your system

Inductive Position Sensor Kits to Jump-Start Your Development

If you are not yet ready to build your own PCB sensor, our linear and rotary position sensor evaluation kits and boards make it easy to get started with the technology.

Pro Sensor Kits

LXK3302ARD001-Pro Sensor Kit

These kits come with your choice of an EVB, an IPCE programmer for accurate sensor measurement and programming and all the cables needed to interface the sensors and programmer to a computer. These programmers simplify designing, building and evaluating your own sensor applications.

Device-Specific Evaluation Boards

LXE3302AR001-ADM01025-SGE3359X1-Device-Specific Evaluation Boards

Each inductive position sensor IC has several different evaluation boards to choose from. We offer EVBs for linear position sensors, angular/rotary position sensors and even redundancy. Use the provided cable to automatically interface these boards with our IPCE programmer and software.

IPCE Programmer and Software to Simplify Your Development

Providing a simple interface between an EVB and a laptop or PC, the IPCE programmer and software enable you to capture data, measure and automatically calibrate your position sensor.

Key Features

  • Programs device EEPROM for custom sensor applications
  • Simplified sensor output and internal debug measurements for robust sensor evaluation
  • Automatic EEPROM calibration for optimum accuracy
  • Stand-alone TCP/IP addressable software for interfacing with production test software

IPCE Setting Window Simplifies Custom Sensor Design

This window, which is the most powerful and yet simple-to-use feature of the software, provides an easy way to change the IC’s operation to meet your system requirements. You can adjust all EEPROM parameters, including I/O interface options, sampling rate and analog front end, or make small adjustments to the calibration points.  


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IPCE Measurement Window Provides Instant Data Capturing and Debugging

Instantly capture data by clicking on the "capture data" button or do it automatically through the TCP/IP protocol. Then use the “Save Datalog” button to easily save the captured data in an Excel file. A unique sensor debug feature also allows you to capture the raw PCB sensor output, which is perfect when you want to understand how your unique mounting may be impacting the design. This mode gives you access to the internal Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) values, including fault diagnosis information to help you rapidly bring your sensor to production.


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IPCE Analysis and Auto-Calibration Window Calibrates the Sensor with a Single Click

After measuring the sensor, use the analysis window to easily implement sensor linearization with the auto-calibration function. The software provides the optimal accuracy that can be achieved using the IC’s built-in calibration memory, or you can use an external Microchip MCU to achieve even better accuracy.


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Code Examples to Easily Interface Your Sensor to an MCU

We provide analog, Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and SENT interface code examples to help you interface your sensor IC to an MCU. We also provide code algorithms to increase the already-impressive accuracy built into the sensor IC.

Position Sensor User Library for Creating Your Own Designs

Our Inductive Position Sensor User Library eliminates the need for you to do any equations, calculations or IC programming. Just add these PCB sensor layouts to your own board and order the right sensor IC to build your own application. Then connect to either the PWM, analog or SENT interface to the system controller and start reading position data. The sensor library offers linear and rotational sensor examples. You can use them as is or follow one of the instructions guides for modifying the examples to meet your specific requirements.

Order Part Number Sensor Type Measure Range Sensor Dimensions Max Airgap Sensor Image
LX3302AQPW-EASYRotary 360 Degrees Diameter 30 mm 7 mm
LX3302AQPW-EASYRotary 180 Degrees Diameter 15 mm 2.5 mm
LX3302AQPW-EASYLinear 50 mm Width 14 mm 5 mm
LX3302AQPW-EASYLinear 100 mm Width 14 mm 3 mm
Development Tool
Pro Kits
LXK3301AR001 – LX3301A 120 Degree Measurement Range 18mm Diameter EVAL Board with Programmer
LXK3301AL003 – LX3301A 100mm Measurement Range 14mm Wide Linear EVAL Board with Programmer
LXK3302AR001 – LX3302A 120 Degree Measurement Range 18mm Diameter Rotary EVAL Board with Programmer
LXK3302AL002 – LX3302A 100mm Measurement Range 14mm Wide Linear EVAL Board with Programmer
LXK3302ARD001 – LX3302A Dual Redundancy 90 Degree Measurement Range 25mm Diameter Rotary EVAL Board with Programmer
Evaluation Boards
LXE3301AR001 – LX3301A 120 Degree Measurement Range 18mm Diameter Rotary EVAL Board
LXE3301AL003 – LX3301A 100mm Measurement Range 14mm Wide Linear EVAL Board
LXE3302AR001 – LX3302A 120 Degree Measurement Range 18mm Diameter Rotary EVAL Board
LXE3302AL002 – LX3302A 100mm Measurement Range Linear 14mm Wide EVAL Board
LXE3302ARD001 – LX3302A Dual Redundancy 90 Degree Measurement Range 25mm Diameter Rotary EVAL Board
IPCE Programmer and Software
LXM9518 – IPCE Programmer (programmer and Cable)
IPCE 2.x – Sensor Evaluation and Calibration Environment (ICPE) software