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Power Management

Reverse Power Feed (RPF)

Reverse Power Feed (RPF) is a critical technology for the upgrade of VDSL2 subscribers to the new G.fast standard, which has a maximum range, at high speeds, of 250m. Our RPF solution simplifies the complexity of powering a low-port-count Distribution Point Unit (DPU) by providing power from the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) rather than from local AC mains or other remote feeding. Our RPF chipsets support power feeding from CPEs and shared power delivery and extraction at the DPU. In addition to the powering function, the firmware also manages PSE-DPU signaling, power sharing, per line monitoring and control.  

How Can Our RPF Solutions Benefit Your CPE and DPU Application? 

  • Complete RPF solutions simplify system BOM, integration and management
  • Firmware supports main requirements of ETSI TS 101 548 V2.1.1 standard

Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) for CPEs

RPF PSE Chipset: PD81000 RPF PSE Controller + PD81101 PSE Driver

  • Supports main requirements of ETSI TS 101 548 V2.1.1 PSE, multi-class support
  • PSE-DPU signaling generation
  • Supports  SR1 (10W), SR2 (15W), SR3 (21W) power sourcing
  • Field upgradable

Powered Extractor (PE) for DPUs

RPF Chipset: PD82000 DPU Controller + PD70201 Powered Device (PD) Interface

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Up to 16 lines FairPower™ sharing
  • PSE-DPU signaling detection and decoding
  • Battery backup support
  • Per-line monitoring and control capabilities
  • Supports low-power mode
  • Field upgradable