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Air Conditioners

Air conditioners come in many different sizes and forms. One of the most popular types is the split air conditioner, which consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. Another common type is the window-installed air conditioner unit. All air conditioners are required to meet stringent energy efficiency certifications and power factor requirements to operate from the electric grid.

Microchip offers a broad lineup of devices for air conditioner designs that include high-performance 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), innovative MOSFET and Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) gate drivers, and integrated analog for interfacing sensors. These motor control and Power Factor Correction (PFC) solutions can meet the challenging requirements of your air conditioner project.

Shorten your development cycle by using our comprehensive development tools and tested reference designs for rapid prototyping of high-voltage systems including dual-motor control with power factor correction. Our motorBench® Development Suite, a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based software tool, allows you to measure motor control parameters and generate royalty-free motor control software to speed up your development time.

Air Conditioner Reference Design Block Diagram

CORP GRAPH AirConditioning2

Air Conditioner Reference Design


Our Air Conditioner Reference Design, based on the dual-core dsPIC33CH family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), demonstrates efficient control of the condenser fan, compressor, PFC and the overall application logic implementation. The high-performance dsPIC33C DSCs offer the right set of peripherals for dual-motor control and reduces the need for three controllers down to one for cost and space savings in your design.

This reference design has proven power stages for high-power PFC (220V, 1.8 KW) as well as condenser fan (120 W) and compressor (1.34 KW) motor control. Additional features include temperature sensor interfaces, field communications and valve drives to allow you to customize this platform for a wide variety of air conditioner systems like window air conditioners and the outdoor unit of split air conditioners.

Other Reference Designs

Low-Power High-Voltage Motor Control Reference Design: This high-voltage reference design board is targeted to control AC Induction Motors (ACIMs), Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors in sensored or sensorless operations. The board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities and efficiency of high-voltage motor control operations at a low power of up to 150W.

Digital Power Interleaved PFC Ref Design

Digital Power Interleaved PFC Reference Design: This reference design provides an easy way to evaluate the power and features of dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers for an Interleaved Power Factor Correction (PFC) application. The Interleaved PFC reference design unit works with a universal input voltage range and produces a single high-voltage DC output up to 350W of power.

Development Tools for Sale
MCU16-PHOTO-DM330023 3
dsPICDEM™ MCHV-3 Development Board (High Voltage): The dsPICDEM MCHV-3 Development Board enables you to evaluate and develop a wide variety of motor control applications using a dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSC). This development system is targeted to control Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs), and AC Induction Motors (ACIMs) in sensor or sensorless operations. The rated continuous output current from the inverter is 6.5A (RMS). This allows up to approximately 2 kVA output when running from a 208V to 230V single-phase input voltage. The system is ideally suited for running a standard three-phase induction motor of up to 1.4 kW (1.8 HP) rating or a slightly higher rated industrial servo-motor.
400W 220 VAC Servo Motor: The Leadshine (EL5-M0400-1-24) 400W 220 VAC Brushless AC Servo Motor is designed for high-torque industrial applications. A 2,500-line incremental encoder is attached for servo positioning. The rated speed is 3,000 RPM and the peak speed is 4,000 RPM. The rated torque is 1.27 Nm and the peak torque is 3.82Nm. It responds quickly and moves quietly and smoothly with high precision for control.
Software Tools
Motor Control Library: The Motor Control Library contains function blocks that are optimized for the dsPIC33 families of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). All functions in this Motor Control library have input(s) and output(s), but do not access any of the DSC peripherals, making the library modular to use across the dsPIC33 families.
motorBench® Development Suite: The motorBench Development Suite is a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based software development tool for Field Oriented Control (FOC), performing accurate measurement of critical motor parameters, automatic tuning of feedback control gains and generating source code for an MPLAB® X IDE project utilizing the Motor Control Application Framework (MCAF). This graphical, interactive development environment helps you save time in starting up and running new motors with no load or a constant load, especially when the motor parameters are unknown. The motorBench Development Suite is an MPLAB X IDE plug-in.
Motor Control Simplified: Microchip offers a rapid prototyping solution that allows compiling and flashing a Simulink model of a motor control system into a dsPIC® DSC with a single push of a button. The Simulink blocksets and models are supported by Microchip’s devices and development boards for a complete hardware and software motor control solution to make prototyping your next motor control design easier.