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Open-Source Tools for Motor Control Development

Open-Source Modeling, Code Generation and Real-Time Debug Tools

Simplify your next motor control design with MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the free and open-source Scilab, Xcos and X2C tools that provide a full-featured model-based design platform for real-time motor control applications. The X2C code generation tool supports our Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), microcontrollers (MCUs) and development boards to deliver a complete hardware and software motor control solution.

Key Features:

  • Works with dsPIC® DSCs and PIC24, PIC32 and SAM MCUs
  • Tightly integrated with MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC)
  • X2C-Scope enables real-time debugging with eight-channel virtual oscilloscope
  • Includes many examples and demos, including Field-Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm demos using the dsPICDEM™ MCLV-2 and MCHV-3 motor control development boards

Visit here and www.sim2tronic.com/solutions to learn more about the rapid prototyping environment.

Motor Control Demos

The Scilab/Xcos/X2C environment include these demo examples:

  • FOC algorithm with PMSM motor model for dsPIC33EP
  • FOC algorithm with PMSM motor model for dsPIC33CK
  • FOC dynamometer with PMSM motor model for dsPIC33EP
  • FOC algorithm with PMSM motor model for PIC32MK
  • FOC algorithm with PMSM motor model for SAM E70

Sensorless FOC Model

Sensorless FOC Model

Simulation Result

Simulation Result

Motor Control Development Boards

You can use the dsPICDEM MCHV-3 and MCLV-2 development boards to verify your simulation results and the code generated by the Scilab/Xcox/X2C tools:

dsPICDEM™ MCHV-3 High-Voltage Development Board

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dsPICDEM MCLV-2 Low-Voltage Development Board

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