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Blazing fast speed, large memory, high-performance motor control peripherals and advanced communication? The SAM E/S70 series has it all.  Building on the performance of the Arm® Cortex® M4F-based SAM D/E5x series, the SAM E/S70 series features a 300 Mhz Cortex M7 featuring up to 128K of tightly coupled memory and double precision floating point math processing.

The SAM E/S70 series of microcontrollers (MCUs) feature highly advanced analog and PWM peripherals to enable high-performance, dual-motor single MCU control. Each ADC of the E/S70 is a 2MSPS, Dual Sample-And-Hold, with programmable gain amplifiers built in. In a dual motor setup, each pair of feedback resistors (for sensorless motor control) would feed its own ADC module.

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Simulation and Modeling Tools

SAM E/S7x microcontrollers are supported in the open-source simulation package Scilab. Scilab is a two-piece modeling environment made up of the Scilab main and Xcos system modeler.


Software and Hardware Development Tools

SAM E/S7x series devices are supported on the Microchip MCLV-2 Low Voltage motor control development kit, and the MCHV-2 and MCHV-3 high voltage motor control kits for customers looking to develop BLDC type motor applications with the ATSAME70 100 Pin Motor Control PIM.  This PIM module shares the common 100-pin footprint for dsPIC and PIC32MK hardware, offering developers the ability to move seamlessly from one architecture to another while using the same base hardware.

  • MCLV-2 Low Voltage Hardware supports up to 48V and 15A
  • MCHV-2/3 High Voltage Hardware supports AC input up to 230Vac with up to 2kVA output

Application Note AN2520 - Sensorless FOC using a PLL Estimator