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A long-time market leader in EPROM technology, Microchip offers 5V, 3V and Battery-Voltage™ (2.7V) EPROMs for a variety of applications. Microchip has one of the broadest ranges of one-time programmable (OTP) EPROMs, with densities ranging from 256-Kbits to 8-Mbits, speeds as fast as 45ns, and package options that including PDIP and PLCC. The devices are widely used for embedded program code storage in applications such as: cordless phones, video game players, printers, graphics cards, instrumentation, automotive, medical devices, telecommunications, networking, industrial control equipment, and hard disk drives.


Key Features

  • Lower power — Microchip’s innovative design techniques provide fast speeds that rival 5V devices while retaining the low power consumption of a 3V power supply.
  • Two-line control — All devices feature two-line control (CE, OE) to give designers the flexibility to prevent bus contention.
  • Additional features — The AT27Cxxx and AT27LVxxx series both have additional features to ensure high quality and efficient product use, including Rapid Programming Algorithm and Integrated Product Identification Code.
AT27BV0101-Mb (128K x 8) Unregulated Battery-Voltage OTP EPROM
AT27BV10241-Mb (64K x 16) Unregulated Battery-Voltage High-Speed OTP EPROM
AT27BV256256-K (32K x 8) Unregulated Battery-Voltage High-Speed OTP EPROM
AT27C0101-Mb (128K x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27C0202-MB (256K x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27C0404-Mb (512K x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27C0808-Mb (1Mb x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27C10241-Mb (64K x 16) OTP EPROM
AT27C20482-Mb (128K x 16) OTP EPROM
AT27C256R256-K (32K x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27C40964-Mb (256K x 16) OTP EPROM
AT27C512R512-K (64K x 8) OTP EPROM
AT27LV010A1-Mb (128K x 8) Low-Voltage OTP EPROM
AT27LV020A2-Mb (256K x 8) Low-Voltage OTP EPROM
AT27LV040A4-Mb (512K x 8) Low-Voltage OTP EPROM
AT27LV256A256-K (32K x 8) Low-Voltage OTP EPROM
AT27LV512A512-K (64K x 8) Low-Voltage OTP EPROM