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Pulse Oximeter Demonstration

dsPIC33FJ128GP Digital Signal Controller Family

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The ability to measure heart rate and blood oxygen level is now being added to consumer products. These measurements can be taken using pulse oximeters that are intended for home medical use and by integrated wrist-worn fitness activity trackers.

A pulse oximeter is a device that uses a non-invasive method for measuring the oxygen saturation level of a person's blood, as well as their heart rate. LEDs in Microchip's pulse oximeter demonstration transmit two wavelengths of light through a finger to a photo detector. From this, the pulse oximeter demonstration can measure changing absorbance at each of the two wavelengths, process and then filter the data to determine the blood oxygen saturation level and heart rate.

Products Included in Demo:
DSPIC33FJ128GP802 - Digital Signal ControllerLearn MoreBuy Now
MCP4728 - Quad channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analog ConverterLearn MoreBuy Now
MCP1640 - Synchronous PFM/PWM Boost RegulatorLearn MoreBuy Now
MCP6002 - Dual general-purpose op ampLearn MoreBuy Now


Design Files Download

Pulse Oximeter Demo ‘C’ source code, application notes and schematics are available for this demo

This demo is not for sale. Please download the design files for your evaluation and prototype development.

Demonstration Highlights

  • Measures heart rate
  • Measures percent blood oxygen saturation level
  • dsPIC33FJ128GP802 uses a 513th-order, digital-FIR, bandpass filter designed with Microchip's Digital Filter Design Tool
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive Analog Front End (AFE) part
  • Low overall BOM cost due to processing and filter integration
  • Integrated PWM module drives the LCD display
  • MCP1640 boost regulator, MCP4728 DAC and the MCP6002 dual op amp used in the design for reliable and accurate power management and signal conditioning


Input and Filtered Data from Microchip's Pulse Oximeter Demonstration

Graph lg

Contact your local sales representative to see a working demonstration of the Pulse Oximeter demo.

System Diagram

pulse ox sys diagram lg

Development Made Easy

Microchip can assist you with developing a broad range of medical applications. For more information, click the button below.

Pulse Oximeter Demonstration Video Channel