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Connected, Secure and Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An electrocardiogram or ECG machine is a device used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart. Since each heartbeat produces an electrical impulse in the heart, the generated cardiac electrical potentials can be measured with sensors placed on the body at different locations. Abnormal electrical activity can indicate conditions such as heart attack, chest trauma, reduced blood flow to the heart, arrhythmia or heart deformities.

The demand for portable and accurate ECG monitoring has grown substantially. Despite the smaller size of these portable products, ECG devices still require precision filtering, high-performance processing power and integrated high-resolution graphics control that is separate from the main microcontroller core.

ECG Demo Design Files


Check out the design files for a connected, secure and wearable ECG demo.

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System Diagram

ECG diagram

Microchip meets these design requirements, along with the flexibility to add superior additional features with a broad portfolio of highly-integrated microcontrollers, semiconductors, software and development solutions. These include integrated microcontrollers and products with digital filtering, low-noise analog signal conditioning, graphics controllers, touch technology, wired/wireless connectivity and multiple low-power modes.

Microchip Has What ECG Designers Need

  • 32-bit MPUs, 32-bit MCUs and DSP controllers for powerful processing and digital filtering
  • Low-noise analog and mixed-signal components for amplification and precision filtering
  • High-resolution graphics control for portable ECG devices with compact displays
  • Available graphics libraries and design tools help get ECG designs to market quickly
  • Integrated and stand-alone wired and wireless connectivity parts and modules for Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi®, Ethernet and more
  • Stand-alone and integrated parts for secure encryption/decryption and authentication

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