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Low Power Microcontrollers

Here are some examples of how Microchip's Low Power Microcontrollers can take your applications to bigger and better places.

Portable Medical Devices

medical_iconThe pace of innovation in wearable and portable electronic devices is nothing short of revolutionary. Microchip’s products and experience have helped hundreds of the world’s top medical device companies take their ideas from future vision to market reality.


thermostat_iconDemonstrate the flexibility of the PIC® microcontroller platform for a range of thermostats from a low cost, segmented display to a fully featured graphical display with touch sensing.


Smart Energy

smartenergy_iconFinding credible partners and solutions for your Smart Energy and Smart Grid applications can be difficult. Whether it's the latest communication protocol, advanced user interface technologies, or finding the most advanced low power products, Microchip is here to partner with you to make your applications successful.


wireless_iconMicrochip is enabling our PIC® microcontroller customers with cost effective, easy to implement wireless solutions. We offer transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee®, ISM Band Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, and IEEE 802.11. Combined with the PIC microcontroller, analog, and memory products Microchip is able to provide a complete wireless solution for your IoT or cloud connected application.



security_iconMicrochip offers a family of low power ionization and photoelectric smoke detector ICs for smoke detector and security applications. Microchip’s ionization and photoelectric smoke detector families provide all the components necessary for ionization or photoelectric type smoke detectors.


designUniversal Serial Bus is a bus standard for serial communication. Originally intended as a replacement for serial and parallel connections on a PC to connect mice, keyboards and printers, it has grown to be the standard interface between a PC and its many and varied peripherals.

  • Low Power MCUs with integrated USB device, host and OTG
  • Use free USB software libraries and demo code or pair any Low Power MCU with the MCP2200 USB to UART serial converter
  • Extend the battery life for products that use USB for data upload/download
  • Ideal for audio accessories, data loggers, portable handheld devices and tracking equipment
  • USB Design Center