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Google Cloud IoT

Solutions for secured authentication and nodes

Easily implement authentication solutions or create an advanced network of cloud-connected nodes for the Google Cloud IoT Platform. Microchip provides the hardware, software and tools needed to create smart, connected and secure systems with rapid access to Google Cloud Platform's cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning infrastructure. With intuitive development tools on both the node and cloud edges, designers can create better, smarter products that respond more naturally to the needs of end equipment users.

Authentication Solutions

Authentication IconImplement a secure and scalable hardware root of trust authentication for your Google Cloud IoT Core connection. The solution provides a cost-effective approach with side attack channel and tampering protections on the private keys.

  • Provide a unique, trusted, protected and verifiable identity
  • Light and simple code implementation based on JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • No TLS dependence due to the JWT architecture

Smart Secure Nodes

nodeBuild a secure cloud-connected node quickly and easily with a cost-effective 8-bit MCU, pre-certified Wi-Fi® module and a secure element for authentication. Our intuitive toolchain allows seamless integration of all three components into a working solution very quickly.

  • Easily configure your system with Microchip's GUI-based code generation tools
  • Secured access the cloud with easy-to-use pre-certified connectivity modules
  • Create a real-time control system with minimal code