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Line Drivers

Line drivers transmit broadband signals over a twisted pair, power lines or coax cable. Because this typically results in a point-to-point connection,  a minimum of two drivers are needed, one at each end. We offer Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Central Office (CO) line drivers for broadband xDSL and G.fast technologies up to 212 MHz and broadband Power Line Communication (PLC) line drivers supporting multiple standards such as G.HN and HPAV 2.0.

How Can Our Line Drivers Benefit Your xDSL, G.fast and PLC Applications? 

  • Dual- and single-channel differential amplifiers are designed to drive G.fast transmission signals as well as VDSL2 and ADSL2+ signals with very low power dissipation
  • G.fast line driver gains are fixed internally, and the amplifiers are powered from a single supply
  • PLC line drivers are designed to drive a line impedance of 100Ω down to 12Ω and deliver superior performance with power efficiency for Home Plug Alliance HPAV2, G.HN, and MOCA applications.