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Interface and Connectivity Solutions

From supporting sophisticated connectivity protocols to offering simpler interface options, our comprehensive solutions enable you to develop robust and highly reliable embedded systems.


We offer a complete line of products for implementing the CAN protocol in your embedded design:

  • Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Controllers and Microprocessors
  • CAN/CAN FD/CAN PN Transceivers
  • External CAN Controllers
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CoaXPress® Technology

To enable simultaneous video, power and control over a single coaxial cable for high-resolution, low-latency camera systems used in industrial inspection systems, we provide video equalizers, repeaters transmitters and transceivers that support the CoaXPress 1.1 and 2.0 standards:

  • Equalizers
  • Transceivers
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Add robust, reliable, high-speed connectivity and control to your design with our portfolio of stand-alone Ethernet PHYs, bridges, controllers and switches and our microcontrollers with Ethernet on board.

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High-Voltage Interface

Our portfolio of High-Voltage (HV) interface devices includes a variety of solutions for connecting low-voltage control circuits to high-voltage drive load circuits:

  • HV Driver and Amplifier Arrays
  • Application-Specific Devices
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INICnet™ Technology

Designed to simplify automotive infotainment networking, INICnet technology supports audio, video, packet data and control messages over a single cable and can be implemented using our Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs).

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Implement a low-cost LIN system in your automotive design with our portfolio of solutions, including:

  • Stand-Alone Transceivers
  • Transceivers with Integrated Voltage Regulators, Window Watchdogs and/or Relay Drivers
  • MCU-Based System-in-Packages
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Line Circuits

Our Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLICs) are an economical solution for adding voice channels to a variety of broadband applications.

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Line Drivers

We offer both Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Central Office (CO) line drivers, as well as Power Line Communication (PLC) line drivers for broadband applications.

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PCIe® Retimers

Our XpressConnect™ retimers provide best-in-class PCI Express® 5.0 and CXL™ 2.0 retiming that delivers ultra-low latency signal transmission to enable the most demanding computational workloads in artificial intelligence, machine learning, communication systems, and high-performance computing applications.

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PCIe® Switches

Our broad portfolio of PCI Express® (PCIe) switches offers the industry’s highest-density and  lowest-power solutions for a wide variety of systems from data centers, GPU workstations/servers and arrays, composable GP-GPU fabrics, multi-host/rack scale architectures, disaggregated systems, Flash arrays, SSD enclosures and communications to any application requiring high-reliability PCIe switching.

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Serial Peripherals

Use our serial peripheral devices to provide 8- or 16-bit general-purpose parallel  I/O port expansion for your  I2C or SPI applications.

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If your design requires a USB solution, our comprehensive portfolio of stand-alone devices includes hubs, USB Type-C® Power Delivery (PD) controllers, bridges with Ethernet and media card support, switches and transceivers, graphics controllers and port power controllers. We also offer microcontrollers and digital signal controllers with integrated USB.

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